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The Ultimate T3 review and Gift Guide

This past year I was lucky enough to work with one of my all-time favorite hair tool Brands. You’ve seen my posts and Heard me talk about how good T3micro tools are. But this past year I was able to test pretty much all their products. And although they are all amazing! Like everything else, some will go with your style more than others, so just in time for the holiday season; here’s what you need to know about all the T3 tools. So, you can pick the perfect gift for mom, sister, grandmother, friend etc. … Use Code ARIMONDAY18 for 25% off this Cyber week.

For Mom (lol)

Cura vs. Cura LUXE:

In general, both dryers are amazing and the best I’ve ever owned! But I have gotten the question “what’s the difference between the C and CL?” and which one to get.

So, the cura is the more classic dryer, with amazing tech it will dry your hair in half the time, 3 heat settings, and hair damage reduced, very light. I personally don’t use a dryer for that long so I use the Cura, but my mom; who I call the blow dry queen lol … she always has the perfect blow out since I was Young and has tested more dryers than a stylist. She has been using the Cura LUXE and loves it! The CL has 5 heat settings, same quick dry as the Cura and has the shut off sensor. When you put it down the CL senses it’s not being used and shuts off, turns back on once you pick it up again. My mom loves this feature since she uses the dryer for longer periods of time and does put it down a few times while styling.

Cura & Cura LUXE are the perfect tool for mom. (pictured: using the new Cura LUXE in white) Use code ARICURA at checkout and get 2 brushes free (paddle and volume brush)

For Sister (or any woman lol)

Singlepass Curl vs. Convertible Collection:

This for me is a tough one because I love them both. But I am a wave/curl lover; This is also a question I get a lot when I’ve shown both products. The truth Is it all comes down to how much you use a curler.

Singlepass curl:

In my opinion is the perfect classic curler, with T3’s cool tech and hair health goal. The Singlapass Curl has a 1.25” barrel which works on all hair types and lengths. Perfect for those who have their style down and don’t like to play around. Heats up super-fast and has 5 heat settings (I recommend on any T3 hot tool to start in the lowest setting, I use mine at 2 out of 5 and its more than enough power) A great gift for someone looking to learn how to style with a curler and or for a friend you’re not sure what to get! Use code ARIWAVECURL for $40 off.

For the outgoing not afraid to try something new woman:

Convertible Collection or Trios:

For me this was a dream come true! I had had curlers in the past and I personally hated that if I wanted a different curl or hair style I would have to buy another full curling iron. The Convertible Collection (CC) allows me to switch out barrels depending on my mood. It is also great for travel; Instead of having to take more than one tool with me I usually just take my base and two barrels one that will give me defined curl like the 1” or 1.25” and another loose one like the cascading waves barrel or one of the wands. Definitely a great gift for your daughter, sister in law or best friend! The full set is currently on sale from $695 to $475 but the fun thing about the CC is you can start small with just one or two barrels and that gives them the option to keep adding to their collection later on. Or maybe for next year you can help them complete it. Also available are the trio sets, which come with one base and 3 barrels. Use code ARICC get one free barrel with the purchase of you base and two barrels.

Barrel Breakdown:

  • Defined Curls :1” clip barrel (one of my 2 all time faves, defined curls)

  • Polished curls: 1.25” Clip barrel, second favorite and probably the best for all hair types and lengths.

  • Voluminous Curls: 1.5” Clip barrel Big loose waves (a little bog for my length) but the clip helps make hem tighter.

  • Tousled waves: My least favorite, nothing personal just don’t know exactly how to use it lol and the small end makes my hair very curly! But I’ve seen other girls use it and it so cool.

  • Undone waves: a 1” barrel no clip. Like this one for quicker looser waves but since the barrel is still small they are more defined than other wands.

  • Loose waves: 1.5-inch wand barrel, good for giving hair a little body without committing to curls.

  • Cascading waves: I thought I wasn’t going to like this one, but it is the perfect loose, beachy/messy hair tool! Love it for summer or for when I don’t want to style my hair that much I just fix a couple strands with this. (natural waves)

Picture above: Styled with 1" clip barrel on Convertible Collection

For the classic woman: