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Hey there! (Español hacia abajo)

We finally finished our kitchen. You basically already know we went overboard from our original plan to only repaint the kitchen lol and we regret NOTHING! Updating our kitchen had been on our list since we moved in! Our house isn’t too old but the color scheme just felt dated. Too much brown and yellow. We started by painting our walls white, personally I love stark white houses, especially since our floors are a terracotta color, not a whole lot of room to mess around with, what we wanted was to totally brighten up the house and we did. From there we moved into the kitchen and although I had always wanted to replace our counters I didn’t even consider it was in our budget, but once we realized we needed to replace our cooktop (cracked it on our Christmas dinner 3 years ago) and replace the sink we knew our granite countertops may not survive. So, it began; the full kitchen remodel. I wish I had taken better Before pics, but it all moved so fast from before paint to the big changes.

So, what exactly did we do to our kitchen? To be honest it was a fairly simple design changes that totally made it look like a brand new kitchen!

What we did:

1.- One big peninsula: this is actually a huge issue here in texas and in the US; builders love making counter peninsulas in two heights, and I get it works for some but honestly it eats up and cuts the space down, plus the high part is usually very narrow and not very comfortable to actually eat on. So, we leveled our peninsula to one height making it all counter height instead of bar height and OMG! Makes everything look so much bigger, and we can actually now eat on it, more of a full eat in kitchen, plus we were able to get it cut in one big piece so the natural stone really stands out.

2.- Light colors: unless you have tons of light, huge kitchen, and lighter color floors. A darker color combo (also love) in your kitchen can make It feel like a cave lol at least for me. Our kitchen is actually more in the center of the house, so no direct windows, just the ones from the family room. And since we love white we just rolled with it. Used Sherwin Williams Pearly white for cabinets (if you can repaint your cabinets you’ll save a lot of money) Chantilly Lace from Benjamin moore for walls. Both white but pearly white has a bit of a grey undertone to make it pop a tiny bit from the walls, and in the end, went for a light grey on the island. Sherwin Williams Dorian Grey

3.- simple design: again because of the shape of our kitchen we don’t have huge walls or space for backsplash so instead of cramping up a statement tile on it we went with a plain white marble to keep it bright and open, but instead gave it texture and movement with the herringbone pattern. We also loved our counters and wanted that to pop.

4.- New Sink: this was on my list since before moving in lol, I’m so glad we didn’t do it before and actually with the whole remodel. It’s perfect with the new countertops.

5.- Clean new counters: personally, I love clean and not too busy counters. We ended up picking a dolomite stone. We were tempted to go with quartz because of it durability but I’m a sucker for natural stone and the shapes and movements they have. We didn’t consider marble much because it's a big investment and we're not sure if we'll be staying here forever, and you have to be more careful with it, I love marble but not there yet lol. Dolomite is in between marble and granite. It’s harder than marble but not as hard as granite. We did however seal it to protect it and will be careful with staining foods (ehem wine)

6.- hardware: Updated to clean simple more modern hardware. We’re actually switching out all of our door handles to black matte modern. Actually had picked out a champagne gold door pulls at first that sort of matched the new faucet, we installed half of them and … nope lol … it was a weird effect it may be the detail on our cabinets but gold gave it a hint of 90s kitchen lol. So, we went with Black matte to match the new door handles around the house and YES! Perfect balance between classic and modern. We did leave the Gold faucet since it’s a nice statement and we have a lot of gold décor around the house.

7.- New Décor: With a new color scheme came new décor hehe, switched out our pendant lights, and stools for counter chairs. I had been eyeing these serena and lily chairs for years! They are on the pricey side and since I knew eventually down the line we would fix up the kitchen, I never really took the plunge lol and I’m glad because it is an investment and what if the color I bought for our previous kitchen wouldn’t have fit a newer design. Of course, also switched out all the little kitchen gadgets like canisters, tool holder, etc.

Well that’s basically it! Like I said it wasn’t really too major but big results! Let me know If you have any questions! Nothing about this kitchen was sponsored or gifted so sharing info on our own. All in San Antonio TX. Please DM if interested in contractor recs, we only have their cellphones and don’t like sharing personal numbers.

Countertops: MJ Granite. Note they don’t sell to the public you need to have a contractor, but you can go in pick a stone you like and then let your contractor know.

Backsplash: Floor & Décor

walls: Benjamin Moore Chantilly lace

kitchen: Sherwin Williams Pearly White

Island: Sherwin Williams Dorian grey