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Turn a spare room into a closet

It's been officially 3 years since I re-did my closet in our previous house, and back then I did a full closet tour on youtube (Watch Closet Tour Video) but I realized I never posted the photos here, and also I know a lot of people go through what I did.

Our previous house was a bit smaller than our current one, BUT it had amazing space, great sized bedrooms, large living areas, what it lacked was a large master closet. instead we had two smaller his & hers closets ... and that was just not going to work for me lol We did however have a spare bedroom that I decided to take over and it was just perfection! the first design we did for that space was a hybrid half closet half office but after a couple years I decided to turn it into a full closet and move my office to the actual office space that house had ... duh.

if you're lacking closet space and have an extra room to spare (it can be a small room) this is what we did, adding both designs/layout for you, so you can see what's possible.- Another option if you're lacking closet space but don't want to "waste" a full room you can set it up as a flex space, an idea would be set up the clothing space with doors so its not seen and add a small sleeper sofa so it can be used as a guest bedroom if needed. We've actually just recently done this to my office at our current room, we found a very cute sofa that pulls out into a bed just in case we need the extra bed.

Both these closets were designed and created by California Closets according to my needs. Bhaaloo was under a year old with the first one #BabyBhaaloo and then the second upgrade was in 2020 he was fully grown, its just crazy how time flies!! you can also see my current closet if you want more ideas (Current Closet)

Full Closet 2020

Closet / Office: 2018


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