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What I wore in Paris + Packing tips


Well we are back from Paris!! and loved every single of our much needed vacation, it was our first vacation in almost 3 years!!!!

I got a few questions on what the weather was like and what I packed and that inspired this post, because Paris is one of a kind including it's weather hahaha, so lets break it down shall we:

Weather: as much as I would love to tell you "yes the weather is this ..." I can't! Summer weather in Paris is ever changing, I would recommend checking the weather a couple days before leaving. We had some warm days but we also had a few chilly and rainy days.

Shoes: No you do not walk through Paris in heels like you see in the movies and shows, yes if you want pack some cute shoes to go out, but in general you walk a lot through the city (it is worth it!) so pack comfy shoes. I packed, sneakers that looked good with jeans, a few loafers, combat boots and I did have a pair of heals that I only wore twice.

outerwear? : YES! even if you're visiting Paris in the summer always pack something, my tip is take a light trench, theres always a chance of rain, trench is not bulky to pack, easy to wear, always chic and classic and Oh so French hehe. Also add if you can some light layers, I ended up buying a zara shirt jacket because it again got chillier than I expected again.

Maximize you luggage: i'm not the best at giving advice on how to pack light lol but I always like doing a little shopping over there, so I know i'll need the extra space on our way back. So tip keep you basics neutral, that will allow you to mix and match you looks more and wear them more than once.

(Available links at the bottom)

ok here are my looks, from this trip:

  1. Pack some Shorts/Skirts: shorts are easy to layer with a blazer, cardigan or short jacket.

2.- Comfy Dresses: You can style them with boots, sandals or sneakers or even loafers, maybe even add some cute tights if the weather allows it.:

3.- Sets: they're cute to wear and easy to split up for different looks (maximizing your packing)

4.- Neutrals + Basics: These are a must no explanation needed haha ... JK for example a good classic pair of jeans than can be worn multiple times, with multiple looks. Also like I mentioned below, neutral basics like white, black, beige tops, jackets etc.

5.- Statements: I get it we all want to have amazing looks for Paris, add some cool but actually wearable and comfortable statements pieces, like cool pants, statement tops, all of these can be styled with comfortable shoes.

5.- A good trench: Believe me!! it will come in handy!

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