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Tuna Tostadas: 5min Dish

Although this content is sponsored by Walmart all content, opinions and styling are my own

Happy almost friday!!

we're just coming back from a quick trip to LA, much needed to be honest. California was one of the places I visited most often for work and fun before the pandemic and i'm so happy to be able to start heading there again. Anyway, this month is going to be a hectic one! i'm heading back to texas for a few days then heading back out to visit my mom and help out with a few things, so honestly no time to waste.

I ordered a few grocery items for arturo from while Walmart App while in LA, since he had to head back home a few days before I did. Some basics and of course some cravings, to be honest Walmart has everything I need and it's nicer on our weekly grocery budget, without sacrificing flavor! Last recipe I told you about the #DareToCompare challenge, So i've done it again and ordered everything for one of my favorite and easiest dishes ever! And since I have no time to waste these next couple of days before heading out i'm sticking to easy to make and clean (kitchen) recipes. This one is for those who like something fresh, if you like ceviche or mexican tostadas this is for you!

Atun a la Mexicana Tostadas:

ingredients: 1-3 people - depends on personal taste and portions

  • Tostadas: I like to use baked Tostadas instead.

  • Tomato: 1 or 2 I like tomatoes lol

  • Tuna in water: one family size pouch

  • onion: 1 large spoonful

  • Serrano pepper: 1 but you can add more if you want

  • Cilantro: 1 tbsp or more

  • Lime: 1 large lime - no lemon

  • Salt and Pepper - as you like

  • Guacamole

  • Salsa: creamy chipotle is my go-to


  1. Chop tomatoes, onion, celery, and serrano pepper (remove veins and seeds for les spiciness) and mix all in with tuna. add lime juice as you like same for salt and pepper. and mix

  2. Add a spread of guacamole to tostada and add tuna

  3. top with salsa

  4. ENJOY - yep that's it!

You can find and order these ingredients from . with their great selection of organic products and private brands, this is bound to be a hit.

i've linked some top products to try and compare from Walmart


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