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Summer Days for Days

This post is sponsored by Walmart+

Summer is in full swing! Vacation, friends, sun, pool, beach and road trips! Whatever our plans are I’ve found myself taking more and more advantage of our Walmart+ membership! With benefits like:

  • Unlimited free delivery from your store ($35 order min. Restrictions apply.)

  • Free shipping at with no order minimum (Excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges)

  • Membership is $98 a year (better than some other similar memberships) And then what’s perfect for this summer especially, is now you can save up to 10 cents per gallon when fueling up with your W+ membership at Walmart, ExxonMobil or Murphy gas stations (Fuel discount may vary by location & station, subject to change) and it’s super easy too! just head to any of these gas stations, sign in to your Walmart+ account on the Walmart app and follow instructions. (just a couple steps, believe me I’m too lazy for anything complicated lol)

Anyway; We are taking things easy for the rest of the summer after our trip, which means Spending a lot of in the backyard, but as I’ve mentioned before. Yes, I love spending time outside BUT I don’t do bugs 😂 I swear I’m one of those that runs away and ducks when hearing any type of buzzing, and living in our area in Texas we do see quite a bit of bugs, including scorpions (cries while typing*)

I bought a few tiki torches with citronella Oil from But last year we bought a couple lavender plants and they helped a lot, but they died during the last winter freeze. So, it was time to stock up on some more. (Did you know Lavender keeps away a lot of bugs like scorpions plus they’re cute and smell so good!) there’s a local lavender farm a couple hours away from us, it’s such a nice drive through country roads so why not take advantage of my Walmart+ membership fuel benefits?? fueled up, put a good playlist on and hit the road. So, between my torches and lavender we should be good to be outside 🤣 if you have any other tips please share!

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