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Spring Layers

Well spring has sprung … why don’t I sound excited?? Don’t get me wrong I like spring lol not a fan of bees though (one of my big fears 🤣) and its a bit of “what do I wear?!” Season, it’s usually cool in the morning to the point you do need a jacket, warm during the day that you don’t, and cold again in the afternoon that you do need something again. Transition months can be tricky, especially here in Texas, a light jacket is always a must. I put together a couple casual looks with Walmart Fashion starting with the big trend “mom” jeans these super cute Free Assembly (Walmart exclusive) white jeans with super delicate floral print, and a light belted jacket. I found the matching jacket to the jeans … not necessarily to wear together, but it’s like a shirt cut and again just perfect for Texas spring, and then this army green belted jacket is super light! I’ve worn it with jeans and with shorts.

Free Assembly is my newest discovery from Walmart Fashion and definitely a quick fave Although I’m big on neutral and earthy tones I have to acknowledge the biggest trend this season, color pop, In any way. Which I’ve seen a lot on Walmart’s website as well and linked a couple of my favorites

Although this post is sponsored by Walmart Fashion all content, selections and stylings are my own


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