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Patio Refresh

hi hi!

ok I'm one of those who loves being outside, even during (texas) summer, I love feeling the sun on my skin and sitting outside, which is weird because i'm more of a winter person haha but I think in general I like the outdoors (except for bugs, I don't do bugs) Anyway we have a sort of wrap around porch on the back of the house that overlooks the backyard, and we've set some sections up with a sitting area, dining table, and the grill. But I was missing a little comfy spot to sit, read or just relax in the shade.

I took advantage of #Walmart 's Rollbacks and found myself the perfect combo pieces! A comfy chair, outdoor rug, concrete table, ottoman for my feet, treats for bhaaloo, and oil table tiki lanterns that can be used with citronella oil ... remember, I don't do bugs 🙈 (i've linked everything on here) P.S the chair is super comfy and extremely easy to assemble, and everything arrived within the same week of ordering. My outfit is also from Walmart, my new favorite brand from them is Free Assembly, this wrap romper is comfy and flattering with the front ties, you can see it better in my Instagram Reel, i'm wearing size XS and it's available in more colors (linked at bottom of post)

I know money might be a little tighter for a lot of us this summer, so wanted to share the Walmart's Rollbacks, to keep the summer fun going this season. check them out from home decor, pool/water fun for the kids, 4th of July must haves and maybe some permanent additions to the house like I did

This post is Sponsored by Walmart but all selections, experiences and opinions are my own




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