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Holiday (no) Rush

Can you believe the year is almost over?! This year has been the toughest ever for us, and un some ways has been super long and at times I can’t believe it’s actually almost over.

We decided to spend the holidays at our house this year, it’s a new house and new feel so we’re excited to start making Memories here. But all the madness on the roads and basically the outside world lol, makes me avoid holiday shopping 🤣.

Thankfully I’ve ordered everything I needed with My Walmart+ membership … honestly problem solved. Got all our ingredients for dinner, last minute gifts and of course extremely last minute decor and wrapping paper. I was being super confident that I had gotten all my gifts early until I realized I didn’t have any wrapping paper. Anyway, my Walmart+ membership fixed all of that.

Including all the ingredients for our dinner which includes for Christmas we did:

Turkey: we do a smoked Turkey, we inject it with pineapple juice and evaporated milk mixture, buttered outside with garlic and then brushed with apricot jam to make it nice and golden👩🏽‍🍳

Bacalao: this is a traditional Spanish/Portugués dish. It’s a salted cod, that Can we cooked many ways, we would always do it 3 ways, my grandmothers recipe, my dad’s and my mom’s 🤣 I think this year we’re only doing:

Pasta: usually some kind of cheese pasta think of it as grown up Mac n cheese.

Mashed potatoes

Apple pineapple “salad”: this is my brothers fave and he’s actually the one who makes it chopped apple and pineapple chunks, with sour cream, evaporated milk and either the pineapple chunk juice or add your own. Pecans and raisins. It’s like a sweet salad some people say it should be dessert but that’s the age old debate haha

New Years:

- filet Mignon or Tuna Filet but Arturo is loving his Sous Vide and wants to do Filet again

- Lemon Parmesean pasta

- Roasted Brussel sprouts: cut them in half, add olive oil, salt or truffled salt and put in the over for 30-40 min at 400'

- Asparragus: gotta have those greens

- lavender Poached pears over puff pastry: haven't done this one in a while but feeling a bit ambitious lol

Here’s a bit more on what I got these last few days for our holidays:

About Walmart+:

- Unlimited Free delivery ($35 minimum restrictions apply)

- Free shipping (online orders- no order minimum, excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges)

- Rx for less (the program is not insurance and cannot be combined with insurance)

- Everyday low prices you love, and same low price you get in stores

- No markups or hidden fees,

Although post is sponsored by Walmart+ all content and opinions are my own


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