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cooking nights are back!

Hi again!

Little unknown detail about us, we love going out to try the new restaurant in town but what we really love, is cooking in and doing a special recipe. My dad was an amazing chef and he loved cooking for us, a classic recipe or something new he had just picked up from one of his favorite chefs (Paul Bocuse was one of his top ones)

Now that the kitchen is finally done (yes! it’s officially finished!!) we are reinstating Date Nights at home, I order everything we need for that day’s dish with our Walmart+ membership through the Walmart app and get everything delivered that same day, for free ($35 order min. restrictions apply) I can go about my day, finish work and even if it gets crazy I don’t have to worry about rushing into the store. Just makes my life so much easier.

If you’ve been around you’ve heard me talk about my Walmart+ membership several times, but if you’re new (welcome) or don’t know what Walmart+ is, well, let me share:

What is it:

Walmart+ is Walmart’s amazing membership that offers exclusive benefits such as:

- Free delivery ($35 minimum restrictions apply)

- Free shipping (online orders- no order minimum, excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges)

- Rx for less (the program is not insurance and cannot be combined with insurance)

I know I share a lot about their fresh deliveries because I use Walmart+ unlimited free delivery benefit so much but my Walmart+ membership is also my ally during the holidays with:

- Free shipping, no order minimum on last-minute gifts, all your holiday moments, all season long

- Everyday low prices you love, and same low price you get in stores

- No markups or hidden fees,

We are spending the holidays here in Texas at the new house this year, but for now Arturo and I are ready to test out the new kitchen, see how well we designed it lol hopefully we did a good job (so far so good for my everyday cooking) and once it passes our date night test, comes the ultimate challenge CHRISTMAS DINNER! I’ve already done some early ingredient scouting on the Walmart app, and they have everything we need for our traditional recipes, but we’ll talk more holiday recipes next week. Tonight we did:

Arturo got a Sue Vide precision Cooker and has been dying to try it for a couple months now (linked below) it’s basically the way restaurants always have the perfect temperature for steaks. It cooks in water and can be controlled on your phone; anyway we Started with a grilled zucchini with sour cream and cheese and then Filet Mignon with truffle mustard, with side of roasted Brussel Sprouts and asparagus. Not too shabby 😁

Tip add fresh rosemary to your filet for a restaurant level taste,

Arturo is a big meat guy but I get to pick the veggies hehe I’ll add everything I ordered from

Walmart+ for this oh and pair with your favorite bottle of red wine #ChefKiss

Well our kitchen and first cooking night was a huge success ready for the holiday feast

Although this post is sponsored by Walmart+ all content, opinions are selections are my own


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