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Paris Fashion Week F/W19

Aaah the city of love is covered by fashion and only the best of the best. Now the PFW has come to an end it’s time to talk about what we saw, what we liked and what we need to add to our wardrobes, the fun thing about getting a sneak peak of what coming next fall and we can prepare for it, we can also get some inspiration to add some of these trends to our current looks while the weather is still cold, so let talk about my favorites and what we should wear based on their shows.

La Ciudad del Amor se viste a la moda por primera vex en el 2019 para sus shows de Otoño/Invierno 2019, y aunque esto es lo que se espera para la siguiente temporada y muchos ya estan pensando en primavera. Todavia hace frio y hay mucho que podemos sacar y adaptar a nuestro guardarropa ahorita.

Dior: Under the watchful eye of Maria Grazia Chiuri with have continued to see a sense of women empowerment in all of the Dior shows, from celebrating a women’s Mexican tradition to this year’s feminist-like T shirts by American Feminist Author Robin Morgan “Sisterhood is Global” Apart from a sense of women superheroes in our everyday life another take from the shows are midi skirts, full or A-line, formal or casual (with t shirts) midi skirts are here to stay! #SoExcited . Also, plaid is back and Cher (clueless) would be proud, so happy to see these trends staying. What I didn’t like? Bucket hats! I’m sorry that one trends I didn’t want to see come back … there are some things that should stay in the Lizzie McGuire years.

Todavia bajo la mano de Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior sigue en su camino de la empoderacion femenina, que se me hace algo super importante. este show llevo playeras diseñadas por la autora americana feminista Robin Morgan con el slogan "Sisterhood is Global" (La hermandad femenina es global) y obvio me encanto ver sus faldas midi y los cuadros de regreso, lo que no me gusta son los sombreros de cubeta jaja tengo malos recuerdos y fotos que quiero quemar con esos.

Chanel: Winter wonderland, like always Chanel is one of my favorites although this year it was so bitter sweet being the first show with Karl Lagerfeld in decades. It did not disappoint, from the setting (you know no one does it like Chanel) to the big mix of looks. There was full ski inspired looks, followed by layering with light fabrics and even a pop of color like neon pink, followed by pure whites that blended perfectly into the snow. In my opinion an incredibly diverse show that kept you wanting more and kept us all surprised.

Como siempre Chanel no desepciona aunque para todos este show fue un poco mas trista al ser el primero show sin Karl Lagerfeld en decadas. Pero me encanto! mas que nada la mezcla de looks, colores e inspiraciones. de Ski and formal a mezcla de telas y color.

Valentino: In this show we noticed color and lots of it! From bright pinks to intense greens and not afraid of color blocking or mixing brights. Another common trend with Dior … Bucket hats #Sigh but slightly more chic. What I loved seeing? Gowns! It’s not a given to see gown in the F/W shows and it’s always nice to see a beautiful dress flowing down the runway even if it’s still cold. And something else a noticed more on the guests was a bit of an 60s chic vibe to their looks.

Lo que mas se noto en esta coleccion fueron los colores! Algo que normalmente todos evitamos en el Otoño/Invierno, pero que en realidad me encanta! y tambien me gusto ver vestidos largos, muchos no enseñan vestidos largos en estas colecciones y yo los amo. Tambien vemos una inspiracion de los 60s y los sombreritos de cubeta.

Isabel Marant: Went full 80s-90s retro from big shoulder pads to puffy sleeves. She shied away from colors in general and stayed true to fall/winter classic shades. It may not have been my favorite but I like pulling a bit of inspo from her boho chic 80s looks.

Se fue con todo a los 80-90s! de los mega hombros a los vestidos fruncidos, aunque no fue mi favorito si me gusta buscar inspiracion en estos looks.

Tommy Hilfiger: 70s baby!!! The Tommy X Zendaya dropped in paris and it couldn't get any more 70s than Diana Ross strutting down the runway? Yep it happened the Disco inspired collection was full fabulous disco glam including the amazing Diana Ross herself. Another thing everyone noticed was the broad diversity in models, sizes, race and ages all shared the runway and it was amazing!

Disco time!! la coleccion nueva de Tommy X Zendaya llego y con todo la moda Disco (70) incluyendo a Diana Ross. Otra cosa que nos gusto fue la diversidad en el show, de todas tallas, razas y edades.

Giambattista Valli: was a true surprise, we all know him for tulle and movement and that like always was included. But this time GV made it seem like it was spring all over, the went for full florals in pastels, and a lot of movement

Una sorpresa total! parecia casi primaveral y me encanta! mezcla de telas, muchas flores y movimiento.

5 trends to take in from this PFW: Las 5 tendencias que debemos aplicar a nuestro closet de estos shows:

1.- Color: Go bright you don't need to wear all black in fall

2.- Bucket hats: Not happy but apparently it's a trend lol

3.- Midi skirts: Casual or formal they're here to stay.

4.- Plaid: We saw a bit of that comeback this year and it's staying

5.- Retro vibes: whether it's disco, 80s or classic chic 60s going retro is the way to go.

1.- Color: que no te de miedo usar colores vivos en el otoño

2.- Sombreros de cubeta: no me gustan pero han vuelto ... esta me la brinco jaja

3.- Faldas Midi: formales o casuales las faldas estan aqui para quedarse

4.- Print de cuadros: lo vimos este año y ahora si oficialmente se queda

5.- Moda Retro: no importa en que te inspires los 80s, disco o clasicos 60s lo retro esta aqui!

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