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4 ways to wear a little black (sweater) dress

Hi again loves!

I recently posted an outfit video on instagram, 4 ways to wear a little black dress this season. And here are all the links to my outfits, since a few of my pieces are not new, i've linked the most similar pieces I could find. I know sometimes or a lot of times we say " I have nothing to wear!" or don't want to wear that one outfit because you've worn it a few times before and don't want to repeat it again. Thats why I decided to put this together to remind us (me!) that items can be worn multiple ways and we don't always need a brand new outfit. Just some fresh ideas <3

Heres the link if you haven't seen it:


Hola otra vez!

Les prometi los links de las piezas de mi ultimo video de instagram! algunos no son nuevos entonces les busque lo mas parecido que encontre! Yo se que muchas veces nos pasa que ya no queremos volver a usa ese vestido porque ya nos lo vieron o ya lo usamos muchas veces, pero la verdad es que no siempre es necesario un outfit completamente nuevo para ir algun lado. Es por eso que se me ocurrio este video para darnos ideas de como aprovechar al maximo lo que ya tenemos en nuestro closet.

Look #1:

Look #2:

Look #3:

Look #4:

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