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A grownup's guide to Disney ... And good hair

Hi again loves! A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of being in L.A for work and decided to do a “Me day” or Arturo and Me day lol something fun just for us. For so long we’ve been wanting to go to Disney (weather Disneyland (California) or Disney world (Orlando) and it all panned out for us for Disneyland. But as grownups the experience is a bit different, plus neither of us had ever been to Disneyland only Florida, years ago and never together (in 11 years of knowing each other!) Anyway ... things change lol and here’s what you need to know about the Disney experience as an adult. For starters hair and outfit do matter (JK but I did get my hair colored and styled the day before. Kim at NineZeroOne, styled it so perfectly (she actually used the T3 Singlepass curl, and I wanted that to last. All I could remember of Disney and amusement parks in general is you most likely will not look the same when you leave as when you entered, so at least I wanted to get my hair to cooperate, so I re-styled it with my 1” barrel on my T3 convertible collection (smaller and tighter waves) and sprayed a bit of the Rand+Co texturizing shine spray (we got to try and use it during the T3 retreat and loved it! Gives you hold and shine but keeping hair soft.) and it did work! My waves were intact 9 hours, two parks, and countless rides later.

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Any-who ... back to the grownup guide to Disney here’s what you need to know. Disneyland vs. Walt Disney world: I think everyone has their favorites but if you’re making a comeback to Disney from your childhood or are new to both or just one of the parks. You have to keep in mind what you want, if you have a budget; consider which one is closer and cheaper for you travel to. If budget is not your main concern, but experience is, remember this; Disneyworld (Orlando, Florida) is bigger and has 4 parks: Magic Kingdom, animal kingdom, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood studios. (Plus, universal studios Fl. With Harry Potter ... wink wink) if what you want is the full experience this is where to go but if you want a fun day, relive your childhood but don’t need a trip out of it. Disneyland (CA) is for you! (it's also the original and first park!) It was just what we needed and Disneyland has two parks Disneyland and Disney California adventure (DCA). (and Universal Studios back in L.A, which we went to the next day) also if you plan on doing more than one park, consider getting the park hopper tickets so you can go to all of them with just one ticket instead of having to purchase them individually.

What to do: As an adult you’ll go through the park a lot quicker than when you were young, not only do we now have longer legs lol but as an adult you’ll most likely skip certain rides and part of the park (believe me Toon town as an adult or without a child of your own is a bit awkward. If you feel like having a drink, here’s the info, no alcohol is served in Disneyland but is available in DCA. What to expect: a few things may have changed from your childhood visit or stayed the same, for starters the lines are still long or longer. If you can go during the week do so! Of course, they’ll always be people but less than on the weekends, lines are still long lol maybe longer. if it’s in your budget consider getting a VIP pass and FastPass (although fast passes work differently than the universal studios express ... which is so cool! Fast passes give you a time to come back and skip the line). Some things have changed since we were kids, for example rides have been modified for younger generations and new things like Star Wars are now part of the park. There are lot of children of course ... including a lot of strollers ha-ha. If you’re on a budget, note that food and drinks are expensive inside, we personally didn’t eat much inside (a couple ice creams and pretzels and just for two) but I did notice that a lot of parents had brought their own snack for little kids. Just don’t be that dad that keeps complaining how much that churro cost … But it’s still just as cool! And you’ll still feel like a kid once you walk in!

Where to stay: For us, since this was a day thing we decided to stay back in Beverly Hills. It is a bit of a drive, but as adults if you have other plans in L.A (or around) I would definitely recommend staying closer to that side. If you’re taking kids and plan on doing Disney for more than one day or is the main focus of your trip there are many hotel options literally across the street from the park.

- New Parents: I think all new parents have the dream of taking their kids to Disney and have the same experiences we did. But please keep this in mind (I see and hear this a lot from friends and family) Disney will not be that fun for a small baby. And probably not fun for you either since, the crowds are big, they can’t get on rides, and it can get very hot, and of course they can’t walk so you’ll either be carrying them all day or need a stroller. I totally understand if you have more than one kid and it’s their turn to go to Disney and don’t want to wait for their baby brother to grow up. But if that’s not the case, maybe consider postponing that trip a bit.

- Weather: This is something that as kids you really don’t even pay attention too, until you’re passing out from the heat or freezing. If you’re going as a grownup group. You can handle this a bit more, but do check. Orlando is warmer and more humid all year round while California, although it can get very hot has nicer weather. If you are taking younger kids be mindful of this especially heat (neither of these places tend to be freezing) - What to wear: You know me! Always worried about the perfect outfit 😂 of course comfort is always the most important factor here. Check the weather, although Anaheim is mostly warm it can get pretty chilly some days especially at night. For us we had a warmer day, so I decided to wear shorts and a cute top, and wrap sandals ... should have worn sneakers but the only ones I had with me were my gym ones lol ... still my sandals were comfy. I would avoid dresses or skirts ... just for the sake of the rides, or wear some kind of biker shorts underneath. No flip flops, as they can fly out, and heals not recommended.