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The Perfect Summer Look For Any Occasion: Stage Stores

Hi again loves!

Well I know many of you are seeing the end of summer coming up very quickly, but even though vacations may be coming to an end the season still has a little more to give! including labor day weekend, and a few more bbq parties left, and even another trip or two. Well no matter what you have in store you'll need the perfect look. I recently found the cutest boho chic styled dress at

I'm usually all about brighter colors for summer days but I also love finding pieces that will transition easily into Fall, I mean nobody likes having to forget about our favorite looks just because the season has changed. Plus Texas tends to stay hot even though summer may have ended, so it's good to have that feels like summer but looks like fall look ... that makes sense right ... And yes giving major boho and 70s vibes.

This was my first time shopping online at but I was already familiar with their amazing selection and prices! (yep this dress is actually $41 you'll definitely find everything you need to put together the perfect look, including accessories, makeup, athletic gear and even something cute for your house.

Styling tip: Don't be afraid to add you personal twist to looks, that's something i've learned and applied more and more to make outfits my own, for example this dress is shown and sold without the belt and NOT off the shoulder, but I thought since it's still hot it would be nice to wear it this way, and the belt (you know i'm a belt lover) accentuates your waist. Plus a maxi dress is so flexible! wear it down for a casual outing or dress it up with some heals for a more special occasion, either way you can find everything you need to accessorize on (direct links below)


Hola! Bienvenidos otra vez por aqui!

Pues yo se que muchos ya estamos viendo el final de las vacaciones de verano, pero la temporada aun tiene un poco mas que dar, incluyendo un par de puentes y fin de semanas divertidos. Bueno pues en mi opinion uno de los mejores looks que pueden tener para cualquier ocasion es un vestido largo "maxi" (no formal) el maxi es super versatil y se puede adaptar a verse un poco mas vestidor con tacon y accesorios o casual con sandalias.

Recientemente hice unas compritas en la tienda en linea de Stage, no se si la conozcan pero se especializan en super surtido y buenos precios! De hecho este vestido esta en $41 (USD) Y la verdad sali fascinada! me compre un par de looks incluyendo este que fue mi favorito, y lo mejor es que en su pagina encontre todo lo que necesitaba para armar este outfit.

Tip: Este vestido no venia fotografiado asi como yo lo use, pero al todavia ser verano y que hace calor decidi bajarmelo de un hombro y agregar un cinto para acentuar la cintura. Pero bueno aqui les paso la recomendacion de esta tienda! y abajo los links para armar el look.

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THIS POST WAS SPONSORED BY SPECIALITY RETAILERS, INC." - Although post is in collaboration with featured brand, all opinions, styling and ideas mentioned are my own.

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