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#REVOLVEaroundTheWorld : LA

Hello again!

If there's one shop/brand that I love, shop, and admire it's; Revolve! not only because I always find the cutest things (and just what I need ) but of their work ethic and how they've grown their name into not just and online shop but to an actually brand!

Well this past week I had the honor of joining Revolve in Los Angeles for their #RevolveAroundTheWorld events. Not only was the week filled with great events, the perfect outfits and picture perfect moments, but amazing girls and their team! I must confess as someone who's never really been in the LA scene I was a bit worried if I would fit in, but EVERYONE I met, was sweet and amazing! Thank you Revolve for letting me join the family! At one point I really considered not going because I can be a bit of an insecure-control freak! Arturo couldn't take off work and my best friend couldn't make it out either, so I almost said no because I was worried of going alone and not knowing anyone. But I kinda gave myself a pep talk and before the anxiety started kicking in I slapped myself and yelled snap out of it! this is something you've always wanted to do! Booked my flight and said yes! Later a friend living in LA said she could come with me to the events lol ... all that for nothing!

Now everyday was amazing so here's the roundup!

Day 1: Cocktail Party

What I wore: NBD shirt dress in Small

Day 2: Runyon Park Hike

This was their launch for the new workout brand LoveWave Active. I was so impressed with this set! you all know i'm a sucker for cute (and good) workout gear, well I highly recommend trying LoveWave out, fits perfectly, super cute styles and actually comfortable to workout in!

What I wore: LoveWave Active Black Leggings and Sports Bra - Both in Size Small.

Pool Party: Perfect way to relax after our Hike

What I wore: Long Dress by Tularosa in Small (runs big but is adjustable, I should have gotten the XS but was at the time sold out) First I wore the most darling and flowy beach dress by Tularosa, which is just perfect for summer.

Second look: White Crochet mini dress in Medium - We were asked to pick a white dress since, it would later turn into a white party. I picked this one not only because it was cute but it came with a nude slip under which I removed and wore it over my bathing suit, but later I put the slip again I was good for dinner!

Day 3: #REVOLVEcarnival Santa Monica Pier & ClubREVOLVE

Yes REVOLVE closed down Santa Monica Pier for us! literally every kids dream to have the park to themselves! We played games, got on the rides, ate a lot! just good old fun with amazing people!