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Paris Couture Week ss18: My top 5

The best of the fashion weeks is here from Paris! Couture week is honestly my favorite show ever! It is truly when works of art take the stage, and I love it because unlike the ready to wear fashion weeks, nothing shown on couture week has to be wearable! Because it’s art! Although I would totally wear 9 out of 10 of the looks below lol (if you want to know more about the difference between couture week and fashion week check my previous post “What you new to know about PCW” ok so this time around I’m just sharing my top 5 shows with you, just t shake things up a bit. 1.- Dior: Dior is quickly becoming one of my top shows and brands to watch! Especially after their crazy show setting. Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland meets Salvador Dali in the 60's! Definitely exciting being surprised every time they have a show.

2.- Chanel: Chanel is a little bit of an opposite to what Dior is doing, they are sticking to their classics in terms of settings (which I love! Love watching in which new way the transform the petite Palais every year) I loved the transition from the first half of the show being structured tweed sets followed by flowy soft tul gowns and looks. And of course filled with, glitter, feathers, tweed and pink Chanel’s 2018 couture show was every girl’s dream!

3.- Valentino: I honestly did not think of Valentino as a wearable show but oh how I loved watching those crazy hats and capes walk down, but actually I am in love with the gowns shown.

4.- Giambattista Valli: The bigger the better!!! The French label goes big again Ann’s we couldn’t be happier! These are dream dresses! And I’ve said it before if a real life fairy tale princess had to wear something she would be in GV, but what I did love about this show are the looks you don't see on instagram, the cute mini dresses I would wear today ... right now! I loved how the show transitioned from short mini dresses ended with their iconic over the top (watch slide show)

5.- Alexander Vauthier: New comer to my favorites list, but the Paris label managed to bring back the 80s in even a more over the top way (even more than what the 80s were) and I think they were very smart to book Bella Hadid and get even more exposure. I’m not a fan of always using the top models we all see everywhere but sometimes that’s how and when a beautiful label gets more time in the spotlight.

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