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What I wore: Vail, Colorado

First off who else is having major holiday weekend withdrawals?!

We just got back in town from Vail, Colorado and we had a blast! I honestly had even a better time than I was expecting. Most of you may know I love cold weather and pretty much everything that comes with it, obviously fashion coming at the top of that list. Packing for a cold vacation was not hard at all for us, believe me my coats and jackets were screaming to get out, but this was actually our first time Skiing - I mean I water ski and im pretty good at it, but apparently doesn't count as previous experience - So we actually had to do some digging and ask around to friends and in stores for what did we really need to go on our ski adventure, and just like us, I know there's a few of you in the same boat with what you need to purchase and what you'll find once you get there. So here's a bit of a recap on what I packed, what ski gear we had to get ourselves and what you don't need to worry about.

Let's start with actual gear:

Ski Gear: Things you will need to buy before heading over there - Well you can actually buy everything including clothes once you get there but it's so much better to arrived prepared and if you do happen to need something extra know that you can find it there.

Ropa de Ski: Lo que tienes que comprar antes de irte de viaje - Bueno en realidad puedes comprar TODO en tu destino, pero es mejor llegar ya preparada por si acaso. Y si te llega a faltar algo, no te preocupes ahi encontraras todo.

1.- Jacket (find a good warm waterproof jacket, I found a great one by Roxy) I also already own a Moncler puffy jacket, which I actually wore on our first day on the slopes. But I wouldn't recommend it if you have a feeling you're going to end up on the ground.

Chamarra: Encuentra una buena chamarra caliente y a prueba de agua, yo me compre una buenisima de Roxy (la primera foto) y tengo una como la tercera, que esta buenisima tambien pero no la recomiendo si sientes que te las vas a vivir en el piso en tu clase de ski.

​2.- Snow Pants: So here I bought two pairs, one is the classic wide snow pant which are extremely warm! then I found a pair of ski leggings! which I ended up wearing most of the time. It wasn't as cold so these were a good option. If the temperatures had dropped I would have had to wear the other pants. (My ski leggings are not available on line, but I got them at Sun & Ski Sports )

Pantalones de Ski/Snowboard: Yo me compre dos pantalones, unos tipo leggings (especiales para nieve claro, no son cualquier leggings eh) y unos de nieve clasicos como los de la foto abajo. Este finde semana no estuvo TAN frio y los leggings fueron muy buena opcion pero ya para temperaturas mas frias te recomiendo estos de Roxy. Son un hornito!

3.- Thermals/Layers: Ok so this one I do want to recommend something different to what most stores will suggest. At ski stores they have several thermal products and although they are pretty good they did not fit me very comfortably. mainly because they fit lose and baggy on me. So I remembered I have a pair of thermal tights from Nike. I ended up heading into Nike (Dicks) and getting a set of thermals, which can actually be worn as running tights and the top is a long sleeve (also thermal) with a low and comfy turtleneck, which again can be worn on its own. Not only do they fit tight to my body but the elastic band is very slim and will not bulge under your pants.

Termicos: Ok, aqui si les tengo que dar un tip, cuando fui a la tienda de ski me dieron una cajita de termicos pero la verdad me quedaron fatal! para empezar la camisa era tipo corte bajo, enotnces asi que me protejiera el pecho y garganta pues no, y los pantalones me quedaron super aguados! Ahi me acorde que Nike y Under Armour tienen sus mallas termicas para usar solos o debajo de ropa. Este fue el set que me compre (lo hay en mas colores, yo me compre tallas chicas en las dos. Y los pantalones son lo mas comodo porque la banda elastica es ancha y delgada, entonces no estorba.

4.- Gloves: Depending on how cold it's going to be on you trip, try to get once set of thick ski gloves (I also got a pair from Roxy) and a less bulky pair. The guy at the store recommended getting a pair of good liner gloves that I could wear under the Roxy ones, Best tip ever! once you get down the mountain you can remove the "Roxy" ones and still have some protection.

Guantes: Dependiendo de que tan frio este cuando te vayas de viaje, pero te recomiendo llevarte un par de guantes gruesos tipo para esquiar y unos delagodos o "Liners" que puedas usar abajo de estos. Asi cuando acabes de esquiar te puedes quitar los gruesos y andas mas comoda con los delgados.

5.- Boots: Ok here I got two pairs of boots.

First were a pair of Hunter Snow boots (which look like Moon Boots) these are great for actually being on the snow, they're a bit big for just cold weather ... but still a ver good purchase. Second are a pair of Sorel's snow boots! these things are so comfy! and waterproof and not too bulky so you can wear on and off the snow. // Botas: Me compre dos pares de botas; unas, las que traigo en la foto estan super buenas para mucho frio y mucha nieve, Si no quieres algo tan aparatoso te recomiendo las otra botas que me compre, son las Sorel para nieve, estan comodisimas y no te delatan tan facil que te vas a la nieve jaja.

​6.- Hat: optional, I did get a hat that I never wore. but those are not expensive and you can take it with you just in case, better safe than sorry.

Gorro: Siento que es un poco opcional, y depende de cada quien, yo me compre uno pero no lo use en el viaje. Pero estos son baratos deberias de comprar uno y llevarlo por si se ofrece.

7.- Underwear: Ok nobody actually talks about this, it's something you end up realizing on your own lol make sure you wear comfortable undies. and ladies when it comes to Bras, I packed a pair of sports bras, and it was the best decision ever! no wire cutting in, no straps, and full comfort! these are the exact Nike sports bras I have.

Ropa interior: Esto nadie te lo dice y te terminas dando cuenta sola; Necesitas ropa interior comoda! Antes de irnos se me ocurrio empacar un par de Sports Bras (igualito al de abajo) Muchos saben que hago ejercicio todos los dias y para mi los sportsbras son lo mas comodo que hay cuando te vas a estar moviendo. Y bueno la verdad que que bueno que si me los lleve, cero se me encajaron las barillas, no me tuve que preocupar por los tirantes. Y bueno aparte va uno tan empacadito en ropa que no se nota la diferencia jaja.

This is pretty much all you NEED to buy yourself, sunglasses if you want.

Esto es practicamente todo lo que necesitas comprar para tu viaje, si usas lentes de sol tambien llevalos.

Ski Equipment:

The ski town village even your hotel will have everything you need! and I mean everything! The have all the equipment for rent and you can rent it for 1 to 3 days. And it's not cheap equipment kinda like the bowling shoes, or skates. These are all in great condition!

Equipo de Ski: No imparta cual sea tu destino, todas las villas y pueblos de ski son como centros comerciales de todo relacionado con el deporte! puede comprar todo o rentarlo, y no te preocupes las rentas son de muy buena calidad no son como los zapatos de boliche #Guacala (a veces) y ya sea en el pueblo o tu hotel te pueden ayudar. Basicamente no tienes nada de que preocuparte, ahi te ayudan y te solucionan la vida.

Ski lessons: This something a lot of people skip and shouldn't! if you've never skied before (never) please take a lesson! so many people get hurt because they think they can give it a try. You may only need one lesson and pick it up really easily or you may spend most of the time flat on your stomach. I was lucky to pick it up pretty quick but I wouldn't have been able to do it without the tips of the instructor (especially when it comes to falls.

Classes de Ski: Esto es super importante! si nunca has esquiado, por favor toma una clase! aunque sea de medio dia. Mucha gente se termina lastimando porque piensa "voy a ver si puedo solo, y si no ya tomo clase" eeeh no! deberia de ser al reves. Puede ser que le agarres super rapido y ya pero hay muchos consejos que los instructores, dan que te van a servir no solo a esquiar si no, no lastimarte.

On To my casual wear: These were my favorites during our trip and i've linked more options for each.

Y ahora a mis looks casuales. Estos fueron mis favoritos del viaje y les puse los links a todo y con mas opciones.