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Pink Velvet Pants

Once upon a time ... Here’s the story on these pants and why I was so excited to share them with you!

I’m a denim lover, there’s no secret there but you’ve all heard me say before how I hate getting in a rut and not having options. Sometimes we just need something different, something edgy and just something new!

I found these pants at Anthropologie the other day, at first I saw an off white pair but they didn’t have my size, and then randomly these pink ladies appear sitting on a table, at first I was like “hmmm too much” but then that “why not?!” mentallity crossed my mind, and well let’s just try them on.

Once I put them on I was so surprised by the fit! They actually fit better and make my legs look surprisingly longer than a lot of my go-to denim.

Then came the famous Instagram poll that many of you participated in (thank you for that ... again) it was pretty much 70-30 but I really do think these pants are one of those things that you either love or completely hate and think I’m crazy for even picking them up. Well in my honest opinion I am so glad I went for it! I am completely obsessed even though I was a bit nervous about wearing them out for the first time. I think this is another great lesson for me to go outside my comfort zone and try new things! - a lot of you asked me about them so here are the fit stats:

Brand: Pilcro

Store: Anthropologie

Fit: mid rise, skinny ankle (I’m 5’4” the length is perfect) I’m wearing my regular denim size. they do have a good stretch to them.

Color: it’s a bubble gum pink

Fabric: velvet but not thick or heavy

How to style: in my opinion (at least for now) I would only pair them with neutral tones especially white maybe black. Just because the pants themselves are pretty “flashy” if that’s the right way to say it. So at least when it comes to my personal style i’ll stick to basics when wearing these. Btw Velvet is a must for fall/winter so don't be afraid to play with it. Thanks for stopping by



Erase una vez ... jaja bueno no es para tanto pero aqui le va la historia de estos pantalones. Ya saben que amo y podria vivir en mis jeans clasicos pero muchas veces me hace falta algo nuevo y divertido para salirnos de la rutina. Pues me tope con estos de pura suerte y al principio dije "ay no" pero luego me entro ese "porque no" lo minimo que se merecen es que me los pruebe! y ahi entraron muchos de ustedes con su opinion en mis Stories de instagram y la nueva funcion de encuesta! en la cual quedo mas o menos 70 a si y 30 a no! gracias por su opinion y a los que no les gustaron #Sorry jaja pero estoy de acuerdo que son de esas cosas que o las amas o las odias. A mi en lo personal me encantaron y aparte me sorprendio lo bien que quedan para ser de terciopelo peero como es mezclilla tambien. Pero bueno en fin estoy muy contenta con ellos aunque por el material y el color creo que por el momento los voy a combinar con colores neutros, para que no sea demasiado. Aparte el terciopelo es un favorito para el otoño/invierno

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