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Hello October!

Well Hello October! I’ve been expecting you!

This past month I haven't been very active on here or on social media, for those who follow me you may have noticed I cut down on my posting. It's just been a crazy month with hurricane after hurricane followed earthquakes. Many of you know this already but my home town; where I grew up, where all my family lives, and where I spend half of my time, is Mexico City, which was hit pretty hard by the September 19th earthquake. It’s funny that for those of us who grew up in this highly seismically active area, quakes are part of our lives. In school, we have earthquake drills and are taught what to do during an event like this. Mexico is one of the few countries in the world that has an early public alarm system that sounds up to 2min before an earthquake hits, and most new constructions must have specific regulations and safety measures. and yet with all of this it's still not enough. It's a lot of help but unlike other natural disasters you don't see it coming and they don't have an estimated time of arrival. Thankfully my family and friends are all safe. But it's still scary especially when you get a deadly earthquake on the exact same date and 32nd anniversary of one of the deadliest quakes in Mexico's history: the earthquake of September 19th 1985 that took 10k lives. But I am beyond proud to see how the country came together to help each other just as it did 32 years ago! I’m actually just happy to say goodbye to September (and all its disasters) and move forward, there is still a long way to go, just like with Harvey and Maria (hurricanes) but for now let's just say hello to October and move forward together!

now down to the fun things about October!

I know I’m not the only one who's excited to see October again. Whether you love this season because of Halloween, the beginning of fall or you're just crazy about pumpkin spice lattes - Which I confess I’m not one of those, sorry Starbucks but I’ll stick to my chai lattes - October definitely makes a lot of us happy.

For me I simply love the change of seasons, many start feeling fall coming in since early September, but for us in Texas that just doesn't happen! and Mexico City has autumn weather pretty much all year round which is amazing but not there right now ... For now, just being able to wear jeans outside in Texas is a win and a sign Fall weather is not that far away.

This top I’m wearing is from the Treasure and Bond X Something Navy collaboration with Nordstrom, and although the launch date was filled with drama it was amazing to see how things sold out almost completely in a matter of minutes! Congrats Arielle!. This top is still available in a couple sizes and I feel it's autumn in a shirt, you know the colors and even though its long-sleeved it has the open back giving us a little breather, the front is pretty cute too but I am obsessed with the back. BTW the sleeve tie is defenitely a major trend this season! Also these classic Chanel Sling backs are some of my favorite pairs of shoes ever! and because I love them so much I didn't mind paying the CC price tag as much (I mean you still kinda cling to you credit card a bit and the sales girl has to pretty much yank it from my hands, but when it's a style or item you love and will wear for years to come it makes it a bit easier) BUUUT what I’m excited about is that I found a lookalike pair, ok more like long lost twins, for a fraction of the CC price tag! for those who want to try the look and not pay the price. Chanel shoes are no longer available online, but I have linked the "Twins" and this look below ready to shop!

Thanks for stopping by!




Bienvenido Octubre!

Algunos de ustedes que me siguen, ya sea aquí o en mis redes se habrán dado cuenta que no había estado tan activa estas últimas semanas, y la verdad es que, con tanto desastre natural, huracán tras huracán y luego terremotos seguidos. Y como algunos de ustedes saben la ciudad donde crecí, donde vive mi familia, y donde paso una gran parte de mi vida es la Ciudad de México, a la cual le pego muy duro el temblor del 19 de septiembre justo el 32 aniversario del terremoto del 85. Como mucho de CDMX, crecí con los temblores sabiendo que en cualquier momento podía suceder un temblor, en la escuela tenemos simulacros, instrucciones de que hacer en caso de un terremoto, México es uno de las pocas ciudades en el mundo que tienen un sistema de Alarma temprana que suena entre 30 segundos hasta 2 minutos antes de que pegué el temblor y aun así con todo esto nunca es suficiente. a diferencia de otros desastres naturales un terremoto no avisa, no se predice y no tiene una hora de llegada. Lo único que podemos hacer es estar preparados para cuando nos toque. Pero no saben lo orgullosa que me sentí de mi ciudad, gente y país de como todos nos unimos. Creo que en parte por esto es año estoy lista para octubre, mes nuevo hoja nueva y aunque todavía hay mucho que podemos y debemos hacer para México, Texas y Puerto Rico hay que seguir adelante.

¡Bueno y ahora para las cosas que amamos de octubre y el otoño!

¡Yo sé que mucho aquí (igual que yo) están súper felices y emocionados de que ya sea octubre, puede ser por Halloween, por la comida, o como yo porque es cuando por fin se siente el cambio de temperatura, en especial aquí en Texas que ya nadie aguanta el calor! en especial para mí que México tiene clima de otoño todo el año! y no me tengo que esperar medio año para poder usar mis botas. Pero bueno por ahora estoy contenta de por lo menos poder usas mis jeans ... eso significa que el otoño no está muy atrás.

¡Les cuento un poquito de esta blusa! es de la colección de colaboración de la blogger Something Navy y la marca Treasure and Bond con Nordstrom! la verdad toda la colección le quedo increíble! tanto que se vendió casi todo en un par de horas! Pero el look de las mangas con moños es algo que viene con todo esta temporada! ¡Les agregue varias opciones similares abajo, y también una versión idéntica a mis zapatos!



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