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Mint & Maple: Modern Calligraphy 101

Disclaimer: I don't have a girly handwriting! or a cute one for that matter. I've always struggled with signing thank you notes or any kind of letter. Mainly because I write just pretty much the same as a shaky doctor whose been on one too many rotations. On a good day it looks like a business man's notes.- Point is it's not the cute one most girls have, you know the nice round chubby letters which are clear and a easy to read.

So when I got the offer to join Mint & Maple for one of their monthly calligraphy classes at bird bakery it was a no brainer! I told one of my best friends about it and she immidietely jumped in and said she had been wanting to take one as well! She said handwritten notes always come up at work and it would be great if she could have a more professional looking print. And you know what?? it was the perfect girls night! Some other attendees were brides-to-be wanting to perfect their handwriting for invitations and thank you notes, a store owner, mother and daughter duo and well some just wanted to have fun!

When: Mint & Maple is based in Austin so if you're closer to ATX you might want to take their classes there. but they come to San Antonio once a month and host their class at Bird Bakery. Which also guarantees a very yummy snack! They also travel to Houston, Waco, Dallas and Fort Worth, College station, and offer more than just modern callighraphy 101 (the one we attended), they also have watercolor, brush lettering and more - I want to try all of them!!

They currently don't have a set date for the next class in San Antonio, but you can check their schedule HERE or find the closest to you!

Cost: The modern Caligraphy like I took is $135 (most of their classes are the same) I know at first it may sound like a bit too much for a class. but believe me it's worth it, not only because it's a fun night but it's something that will be put to good use! Plus they give your own starter kit to keep and practice at home.

quick story: One of my best friends got married earlier this year and was shocked at how much it would take to do the calligraphy on her wedding invitations, so she signed up for a class and did them herself! she ended up saving a good sum of money! #TrueStory (How I met your mother lol)

Where: Here in San Antonio their classes take place at Bird Bakery - You may have already fallen in love with all their signs, well ... Mint & Maple!

Thank you so much Mint & Maple for having us! we loved it!

P.S: Always wear dark clothes (black) or something you don't really care about when working with ink, it tends to be messy. Or maybe you can even find a cute apron.

My Look:

I'm wearing the white dress, but seriously considering getting it in another color like this black, beacuse I love it so much. I think it run a bit big so size down (if you want) But totally worth getting.


Primero que nada; Confieso que no tengo buena letra! - Digo hay que ser honestos jaja

No es que sea fea nada mas no es la bonita que tienen la mayoria de las niñas- ya saben la redondita y gordita super facil de leer - siempre me dijeron que tenia letra de doctor ... y la verdad es que si, no parece mia. Siempre me ha costado escribir notas o rotular bonito, siempre me ayuda mi papa.

Entonces cuando me ofrecieron tomar una clase de caligrafia con Mint & Maple, me super apunte! Le conte a una amiga que la iba a tomar y tambien super puesta me dije que desde hace much habia querido tomar una clase para poder rotular cosas en el trabajo. Y dejenme les digo que la pasamos increible!!!

Yo tome la clase en San Antonio ya que Mint & Maple esta basada en Austin. Pero dan clases en casi todo Texas (Houston, Dallas, Waco etc..) Estan en SA una vez al mes y dan sus clases en Bird Bakery (ya saben, todo buenisimo!)

Muchisimas gracias Mint & Maple for la invitacion! la pasamos increible!

P.D: si van a estar usand este tipo de tinta, vistanse de negro! o algo viejito que no les importe, o hasta pueden llevar un delantal.

Mi Look:

Yo taigo el vestido blanco (exactamente igual) pero de verdad es de mi favoritos y estoy considerando comprarlo en otro color, por que lo uso tanto! Siento que viene un poco grande entonces si quieren que les quede perfecto me compraria una talla mas chica de su normal (si quieren si no tambine les va quedar increible, un poquito mas suelto) besos!

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