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Paris Couture Week 2017

For us fashion lovers and vogue worshipers there is nothing more exciting than the smell of an upcoming fashion week, we all see the madness of Fashion Month –twice a year when it goes from NYC, London, Milan and ends with a bang in Paris. And then later in the year you may see your phone flooded with Instagram posts of Paris couture week (PCW) and find yourself swooning over every single gown and let's be honest - Works of art! But then again what is PCW? and what exactly is Haute Couture, and why was 2017 a revolutionary year for the fashion world? So here it is! everything I've learned about couture summarized into something we can all sort of understand.

What is Haute Couture: HC is not only a garment which is handcrafted, and basically a masterpiece. To be considered HC a house or label must produce made to order designs – you know the kind that only we can dream of and an elusive group of people around the world collect and truly understand the art behind it – it also means a label has to have an atelier or workshop with at least 15 people, among other things including the number of unique designs they have to show at PCW

What is Paris Couture Week: It happens twice a year and lasts only 5 days unlike Fashion Week which is 8 days long. The shows are (in theory) smaller and more exclusive and of course more expensive. But this year it all changed – well not all but these baby steps might as well have been mile long jumps for the old fashion world of couture and for the French of course.

Couture Week 2017: Why is this year different, and why are we all so crazy about it? so for starters, for the first time in history PCW actually showed ready to wear labels alongside the masters by the likes of Chanel and Dior! This was seen as some-what of a controversial and revolutionary move, but it was only the first step in which Couture is adapting to the new world order starting by the social media movement. I mean we all want to be in the know and we hate being left out of the good stuff #FOMO well this year the fashion world heard our cries and opened up a tiny peaking whole for us mere mortals, or maybe let’s say they made that peaking whole slightly bigger. Another thing is a few more of the top world influencers and fashion bloggers were able to sit in these shows, allowing them to share these amazing shows with the rest of us.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the good stuff and my favorites for this year:

Chanel: The iconic French label is a must see of course but I have to admit I’m a sucker for gowns and over the top princess moments, especially when I hear Couture. Every single Chanel piece is a work of art and cannot be ignored. It’s not known for over the top pieces, but PCW is the one place where you do see a change in their traditional looks.

Valentino: Talk about winter goals! just wait until you see that floor length camel coat! I think that Valentino was one of the few that managed to show winter couture winter gear. I mean it's all couture but even Chanel does more sets and jackets. Valentino pulled off the dramatic Cruella DeVille coat look! (say what you want about her but that woman had style!)

Dior: I am a huge fan of Dior no matter where they are, I have been loving the direction Maria Grazia Chiuri has been taking the label. What I loved about this PCW show was that even though it is a Fall/winter collection she managed to mix heavy fabrics with the ethereal flowy gowns. Dior fans got an extra treat this year, the label celebrated its 70th year with an exhibit featuring 300 haute couture creations, from the beginning of Christian Dior to today.

Giambattista Valli: Ok this is one of those which I wait to see all year! and if I miss it I google it and ask myself "how did I miss this?!" I mainly love it because as I've stated before I'm a sucker for big princess gowns and honestly he is a master of tule dresses! and that for me is like "jackpot!!" even my wedding dress was big puffy tule dress. This year I do admit he showed a bit more leg than other shows but still as breathtaking as always. He had amazing looks but for me the dresses have it! #LongLiveThePuffyDress .

Eli Saab: Talk about princess dress goals the Lebanese label is the master of hand embroidery and embellishment, for me he brings to life every princess dress I ever dreamed of.

Rodarte: The new comer! Rodarte was one of the lucky ready to wear labels to cross over into the couture world, and it didn’t disappoint. The difference was they showed their spring 2018 collection. Which I kinda loved since I can relate to their looks, while I melt away in this Texas heat.

Well that was my version of a crash course into the Paris Couture week world and like always can’t wait to see what happens next! What was your favorite moment form this year?



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