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Closet Reveal with California Closets!

Before getting married I remember telling Arturo (my husband) that all I really wanted in a house was a big closet (you can see where my priorities were 😂) some time passed and he proposed, the wedding planning began and also the search for our home. After some time we found it! It was perfect for us in every way ... except ... the closet space! I'm really not complaining (well just a little bit) our house has two smallish his & hers closets, they're good sized for Arturo and maybe for a lot of people, for someone like me who loves closet space it just wasn't ideal. Thankfully Arturo came up with a genius idea - Let it be stated that it was ALL his idea, and women cannot be blamed for the finished product #NoBacksies - He suggested we turn a spare bedroom into a closet! - He said it! Not me! - by this time my blog had been moving along quite well and I had been thinking a bit more on where I could add a desk or some sort of home office. Well this solved both issues.

The process: The idea of turning a bedroom into a walk in closet was all nice and good but who could we call to actually make it happen! A couple friends suggested contractors but to be honest we had been dealing with contractors for some time now and I couldn't really deal with any more flexible deadlines and changing rates. This may seem funny but we ran into California Closets a bit by chance - I had heard about them before though - We were having lunch one day at the quarry village here in San Antonio, and after, we went for a little walk and literally stumbled upon the CC showroom, and decided to take a peak and see what they actually offered. For starters ladies beware or should I say men! They have a sample DREAM closet in their showroom! As soon as I saw it I said "This is what I want!" - I say beware because once you see it there's no going back! From that moment everything was very straight forward for us, we met Misty that day who ended up being out designer, she came over to our house and right away knew what I wanted! One of the things I love about my CC closet is that the original design can always be altered, kind of like Legos! I can add to it anytime I want! - Currently considering adding more shoe space #SorryNotSorry - another thing I loved was that it was installed in a day! Yes they said a day and that's how long it took! And guys, Arturo loved the price! Lol they worked around our budget and made it all happen. So you see it's a win win!

The Why: Apart from actually wanting a big closet (we can't deny it ladies) I realized something even more important and gratifying when this little space was completed. We all (women) need our own "Girl Cave" we've all heard the term "Man Cave" and we're all used to the concept. You know guys need their own space to do guy stuff and get away from us or just unwind. But to be honest we also need a space of our own! How often do we actually get to take full control over an area of our house. - ok ok I admit that we do tend to take over the house a bit more than men do - but still it's not our own little space. I learned that this closet was not just a place to store clothes but a place to myself, not because I wanted to get away from Arturo or anything, but some place where having a "I have nothing to wear" meltdown is not frowned upon. Men don't need to see the aftermath of that moment lol - it also became a comfortable place to get ready and now it just ended up being a great space for videos- long story short we - women - also deserve a place to ourselves whether it's a closet or small reading nook, it's good to have a spot.

A huge thank you to the entire California Closets' team for making this happen and to Misty Rodriguez for reading my mind and designing this space!

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