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Four Ways To Wear Gingham

You may have noticed that Gingham is everywhere right now whether you love it or hate, there's not much we can do. We either ignore it or love it! or maybe you just want a little touch not something crazy. I've rounded up some of my personal favorite ways to wear this "must have" print.

1.- Tops: If you don't mind gingham or heavy prints for that matter, this one's for you; This shirt is from ChicWish, if you've seen some of their pieces you know they're not afraid of any print or volume. which is good for me. I love ruffles and although I am not a heavy print person; Gingham (and stripes, sometimes florals) are some of the prints I do love and wear. So this top is not a once piece gingham takes all piece but it is a lot going on (which I love) below i've added more tops that are only for the gingham lovers.

2.- Dress: A dress or full gingham look may be a bit too much for some but believe it is a very cute spring/summer look. I keep seeing Gingham and ruffles being mixed together this time around. At first you would think it's too much! I mean who would dare mix a heavy print with volume?! but yes it works and I love it! This dress is from MinkPink and it is the lightest most comfortable dress ever! I think it's going to be best friend this summer.

3.- Pants / Bottoms: Nothing says spring/summer more than a pair of navy/white gingham pants. These are from the Victoria Beckham for target collection and they are very cute! The don't stretch but run true to size. You can pick to wear these kinds of bottoms with a solid top so you don't feel so overwhelmed. (it may not be the best photo of the pants, but come on look at my giant bunny! I couldn't let this one go lol) Plus these pants are now on sale for $21 Shop This Style:

Shop This Style:

4.- Just A touch: You may not like the idea of being eaten by a print but a nice touch of gingham may be just what an outfit needs! like with me! I wore my ballerina flats with gingham straps with this white dress because I felt it just needed that little extra detail. I've found some shoes and a sweater that truly only has that little gingham detail. (To view more of this White dress look check full post here Little White Dress )

What's your favorite way to wear gingham?

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