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Ready For Spring Break?

Hello loves!

Exciting post today! I got to go on Great Day SA today and share some great accessories for spring break that will carry you all the way through summer!

I have to be honest my favorite season is winter (that's just me I love the cold and all that comes with it) but I confess I do look forward to the warmer months and getting to wear all the spring trends.

This is where my love for spring comes in! we get a taste for what summer is going to be like without being forced into shorts and sandals. This is why I like spring weather, it's more forgiving and we can mix and match more pieces, like booties, light sweater, short dresses, etc..

So the pieces I shared on the show today are more the ones that you can start investing in now and you'll be able to wear for the next 7 months or so (depending where you live) So here are those items and the link to our segment here! or click image below

Straw hat bag: I know you've seen these everywhere!! and not only reserved for beachwear anymore. this one is my all time favorite! the size is big enough to travel but not huge that you can't wear it anywhere except for the beach, and it has POMPOMS!!!! I love them and so happy they're taking over our spring styles!

Cross body bag: A small Cross body bag is truly a girls best friend! it can be either a city bag or travel one. Either or.

Espadrilles: So espadrilles is one of the biggest trends for spring/summer and a personal favorites! I pretty much go through warmer month wearing these weather they're flat or wedge style I absolutely love them!

Chunky heels: To who ever brought this style heel back from the dead; THANK YOU! it is such a life saver being able to wear a pair of heels all day because they are so comfortable and easy to walk in.

Sunglasses: The closes we get to summer we start seeing all the m irror lenses coming back.

Straw Hat: Good bye winter hats hello Straw hats! I love this style hat because of it's parisian style!

Shop today's accessories on my SHOP page and find many more! (Accessories under $100 and as low as $20 and spring styles under $50)

About my look: You've probably heard this before but ruffles are this year's biggest trend! It adds volume to any look, and this sweater is no exception. It's the perfect top for spring, it's light and easy to wear during warmer days because of its mesh inserts. This one is from ChicWish and it comes in 3 colors (which always make me want to get in one or two more colors) So I get a lot of questions about ChicWish because its such a new store and I know how it is when you love an online store but don't know what the stuff is like. Well let me just tell you! all their stuff is amazing! so cute and original and honestly the price is another bonus! most of their pieces are under or around $50 and when it comes to shipping and paying it is completely safe. And to my ladies outside the U.S i'm so happy to share that the ship worldwide!! (link entire outfit below ps bag is under $50!!!!!!)

Get My Look:

Thank you so much to the GreatDaySA cast and crew for having me today!

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