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The Lemonade Co.: All Black Everything

I think it’s around this moment when we can all ask “How are those New Year’s resolutions going?” The truth is most of us get tired of those “New Year, New Me” slogans after a couple months, and in part it’s because we (at least me) fall to temptation … I’m sorry flaming hot cheetohs! I’ll never leave you guys again!

But one of the biggest things that break our “Be Healthy” resolutions are our routines and busy schedules, and it’s completely understandable! I mean when you wake up at 5:30 to get ready for work the last thing you want to do is wake up at 4:30am to go workout (I truly admire these people) or after a crazy day at work, most times all you want to do is get home and just relax!

I love working out and sports but I also know that if we want to succeed with our resolutions we need to stick to things we can control, at least at the beginning like eating healthy and swapping out our favorite snacks for some smarter choices, and build up from there. Going all out with crazy workouts and cutting everything out overnight is just like quitting anything cold turkey.

Have you guys heard or know about Activated Charcoal? I do and well, a nutritionist recommended it a while back while certain foods were making me bloat like a balloon, AC pills offer fast relief for this and even for those suffering from lactose intolerance, basically saved me while my bloating treatment kicked in (pure AC pill should only be taken once in a while and is not a long-term treatment) other benefits are:

Benefits of AC:

  • General Detoxing/ Helps purge toxins from body

  • Boosts Metabolism

  • Helps with hangover (so I’m told)

  • Can help you get that glowing clearer skin we have all been dreaming of.

This is where The Lemonade Co. (TLC) comes in. Known for their delicious, made fresh daily lemonades. TLC has jumped on the Healthy Lifestyle craze and has created a healthier line of drinks, that stick to their true yumminess, starting with “All Black Everything” lemonade (yep a black lemonade …) it’s secret? Activated Charcoal!!

TLC has created the perfect drink to boost our routines. Their new “All Black Everything” contains a small food grade flavorless activated charcoal in it! And no, you can’t even taste it.

All Black Everything has also cut down on more than 50% of their sugar by sweetening this drink with agave instead of anything processed (which they never use anyway). And for those wondering All Black Everything, like most of TLCs products includes very few and all natural ingredients, the less the better, these being; Lemon, purified alkaline water, activated charcoal and agave, that’s it! Personally, I liked drinking it when I get home after a tough workout, (but all water during workouts) I may not drink the whole thing at that very moment but It’s so good! My husband takes sips throughout the day as well.

Where to find this black beauty; Currently you can find them locally here in san Antonio at Larder, Rosella, Blue Star Provisions and Altitude trampoline park, or you can contact The Lemonade Co. for a special order.

So, we really can’t become an Olympic athlete overnight or get that super model body just in a couple weeks but we can be healthier and take care of ourselves, starting with little changes and being smart about it! That being said, you got this! And those goals are closer everyday!



Note: Although product was sponsored and provided for review, all opinions and statements here are my own

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