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Say Hello to TheToastyLife!

Hello Toasty Life!!

The time has come to give this little space a bit of a change, starting with the name; for so long I had been thinking of changing the name if this blog to something more, I loved (still do) ToastyA but I felt that it was more of a one person thing when I do believe this has grown into a group, whether you're behind the computer, camera or reading this we are all somehow connected, hence The Toasty Life! Also has to do with the fact that this space is growing and is no longer exclusive to just me and outfits (although you know that's my favorite) for those who have been following me on here or instagram (or both) you know we've been through a lot this past year (marriage, travel, puppy, and well just life in general)

You may have already started seeing more product reviews, travel and fitness posts. This is something I had been longing to do and just never followed through, until now (;

I will slowly start rolling out a larger selection of posts and articles that I hope you'll like, and that many were suggested but some of you (and keep suggesting and letting me know, what you all want to read, see and know a bit more about)

So I really hope you continue to enjoy TheToastyLife and like everything that is coming!



P.S: Don't forget to comment below and let me know what you think of the change. (oh and if you don't know the story behind "Ari" check my Valentine's post to find out)

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