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Hello Sexy Legs!!

That moment when you finally get the perfect tan, and all in the world is perfect, except like we all know all good things must come to an end. Before the holidays my tan was well non-existent. except for my semi leg tan that also comes with a sock line from playing tennis ... so not good.

Thankfully in these modern days we have a solution; Tinted lotions!!

Tinted lotions are different from self tanners, for starters you don't to apply it several times to see the color gradually appear, which means that if you have a date tonight, forget it don't even apply a self tanner, your tan will not be ready! Tinted lotions apply and work in the moment, no waiting no hassle, but whats a good brand to go with? and yes this is an important question, buy the wrong one and you may find that your tan transferred over on to your dates's coat.

Well Say Hello to Sexy Legs (literally) this is the name of one of my favorite tinted lotions and leg highlighter set. I've tried quite a few of these lotions in my lifetime, and just when I had found the perfect one, which happened to be from Victorias Secret, they decided to discontinue it! (who does that?! oh yea VS) So for a few months I was in denial and told myself "I don't need a replacement! this little tube will last me forever or at least until VS realizes they've done a terrible mistake. Well, I underestimated these last winter months and the lack of beach time this past year (year) and that last tube puffed out its final drops. Now what?

That's when I found out about SayHelloToSexyLegs and I started with the highlighter which I got as a sample at an event last year. I loved it!! Recently I was lucky to have the opportunity to test out the rest of their line which includes; The Highlighter, Tinted Lotion, and Contour Stick - and here's the verdict;

1.- Tinted Lotion: Ok ladies i'm sold!! Absolutely love the tinted lotion! I am already tan so I love that it is perfect for everyone! it's just about how much you apply. The shade is bronzed and not orange or extremely dark, So it works on most skin tones.Two things just like any tinted lotion apply on a surface that is easy to clean and remove jewelry. If you mess up don't worry too much it is very easy to wash off. And this is not a self tanning lotion so don't go swimming and expect it to be perfect when you come out of the pool ... Just saying.

2.- Highlighter: Perfect shimmer and shine for the whole body. Love using it when I already have a tan because it gives my skin a perfect finishing touch. Just be careful, it dries very fast. Which is a good thing! this way by the time you're ready to leave the house it has already set. But I do know women who take forever to apply any kind of lotion, so just keep in mind you can't really do a "spa" moment with this one. I use about two pumps on each leg.

3.- Contour Stick: This is a fun little trick! I still need a bit more practice because let's be honest i've never contoured my legs, but I think it's an amazing trick for when it's time to show off your fabulous legs. Unfortunately I am still quite tan and adding the tinted lotion masked the contour effects a bit. Which is not all bad, because you want contouring to be subtle, and not have people asking "why does that girls have lines painted on her legs?" In this case the life long phrase "less is more" is key!

How to apply when used all together: First apply tinted lotion and blend well. Next apply highlighter on the front of the leg in a straight line following your shin. and finally shape out the sides of your leg with contour stick, also blend well but still staying with the lines.

1. Before 2. Tinted Lotion

3.- On the right with tinted lotion (above) 4.- Finished both legs

Finished look: I applied a bit more product so that the color could show better in photo.

In conclusion these three products are amazing!!! and I believe i've found my favorite product for when I just can't get away to the beach. Also note, I didn't test these products in high humidity situations so please test it before heading out the rain forest or for lets say before wearing a very important white dress.

Get You Sexy legs set!

Note: Although product was provided for review all opinions here are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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