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Be You with CaseApp

Now a days we want everything to be unique, one of a kind, personalized. So how about personalizing our life line, our phones, because lets face it we can’t live without our phones! Even my mom, who doesn’t even have social media, can’t be separated from her iphone for more than an hour.

Recently I got a chance to create my own phone case and laptop skin with CaseApp. And I loved the whole experience! You can pick one of their cool designs or upload your own. Maybe; a photo of your kids? Your wedding day? Or your pet!

For a long time I’ve loved all those marble print cases you see plastered on Instagram, and I wanted one too! Which made it even cooler was they had a marble print in gold! (I like gold … incase you were wondering) and I was able to add a bit of Toasty on there literally.

If you’re one of those whose really good taking care of your phone go for the normal case, if you’re like me, and drop your phone eight out of the ten times you hold it, get the “extra protection tough case” its worked for me! And they all cost under $35. Note: if you have a white phone and want a white case to match it, keep in mind the safety lining inside this case is black.

On to their skins! I got the matching gold marble print, its easy to put on and easy to remove. I have never been a fan of skins because I’m always scared to remove them and have my computer left with goo all over it. This is not the case here. It does stick pretty well on but you will be able to remove it if you want. I don’t think you’ll be able to reuse it though. Another thing I loved, is that everything arrived in less than a week, let's be honest we all hate having to wait for our online orders to arrive.

So here's a little treat for you guys! use this code ' TOASTYA20 ' and get 20% off your purchase at CaseApp

Notice: although this post was sponsored all comments and opinion written here are my own, and posted as a review of the products.

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