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Santikos: More Than Meets the "Popcorn"

Hello again!

I recently got an exclusive first look into San Antonio's newest movie theater, Santikos Casablanca at Alamo Ranch (1604 + Culebra) First things first; what makes "Casablanca" different or special, compared to others in town, well it is the first to offer high comfort seating with reclinable chairs (lazy boy style), in-theater dining (yes they'll bring your food to your seats) also has specialty restaurants in case you want dinner before the movie.

What makes it even more amazing is that this location also comes with a 16-lane bowling alley and a sports bar!! So if you just can't get in synk with your girlfriend/boyfriend on what movie to watch, you may go bowling instead. Or put your kids into that animated movie you just can't stand and have a nice dinner and kill some time at the bowling alley (or sports bar) it’s a win win solution for everyone.

I was particularly excited to hear this concept was coming to town, it's something in Mexico we are quite familiar too. Mexico City has had their VIP theaters for a while now (cinepolis VIP) And I love it!!! Every time I'm in town that's where we go to the movies. So to finally have one here in San Antonio is pretty cool!

But after all of this, it's still not the best part about Santikos, (at least for me) what I love the most about them and the whole Santikos family, is how much they give back to the people of San Antonio. All Santikos theaters exist and function for the sole purpose of benefiting the community, making Santikos Entertainment, the only theater group in the world (yep) that operates as a social enterprise. (To learn more about this click HERE)

Not throwing data at you guys, but I just found all of this out recently I was (am) so impressed. Through their theaters the community will receive $12 million in 2016, and this fund is estimated to make $20 million a year over the next ten years (not too shabby ehh) More than anything their charity work is aimed to help people in need (seniors, special needs, abuse victims and disaster relief) as well as youth and education.

A company with a mission to help others (in my opinion) is worth more than any other out there. But for you tech lover (and for those show really understand technology, unlike me who gets into a wrestling match every time she has to use the washing machine) santikos Casablanca has a treat for you; first off it is the first 100% laser projection multiplex movie theatre in the world! (Basically better everything) and the have the largest screens in Texas.

Now a special surprise for you guys! I have two double VIP passes (meaning two winners) to the Santikos Casablanca that I will be giving away. To enter Just go to my Instagram: @Toasty_A make sure you follow me, so you don't miss any details, tag a friend in my Santikos popcorn photo (just like the one below, both of you will be entered, each name will only be entered once) and make sure your friends follow me too, so that they don’t miss anything either, tickets are only valid in the San Antonio area, so make sure you're in town to use these. winner announced on thursday (June.16.2016)

Thank you so much to the entire Santikos team and Aquila (HauteInTexas) for making this day so fun! loved spending time with these amazing ladies! (Left: TheStoriBook) (Center: MsGoldGirl)



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