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Hair Rehab

The months leading up to our wedding really took a toll on my hair. All the showers, events, meetings, meant I had to style it almost every day (heat) and constantly touch up my highlights, which for someone with darker tones means extra stress on your locks. Now that it’s all over I was left with pretty damaged ends, and dryness, and if you’re like me, it means that if a shampoo/conditioner combo doesn’t show results in a couple weeks, then it’s adios amigo! I came back from the wedding to my regular combo and after a few days I realized it wasn’t doing anything to get my hair's health back. Time to take that eternal trip, our boys can't stand, to the beauty section at the store (husband says he doesn’t get how I can get through my grocery list in 5 min but spend 1 hour in the hair section … its never that long, but hair is a very important matter :) )

I’ve tried everything from salon brands to store brands, and realized price tags have no effect on the actual product. So if I was going to go through another testing phase, I wasn’t going to test tons of expensive products. You know if they don’t work they’ll just sit in our bathroom FOREVER! I had recently seen the ad for Garnier’s new line “Whole Blends” and when I saw it at the store, I thought why not, I haven’t used Garnier in a while but I know their products are not heavy and don’t have crazy amounts of chemicals in them, and for an under $5 price tag, I could try it without feeling too guilty if it didn’t work.

Down to the actual results: I am not kidding nor exaggerating! The products are amazing!! I got the “Whole Blends – Honey Treasures Repairing Shampoo and conditioner” combo (since it was the one that said “strengthens and repairs damage”-

Since the first try I could feel a difference! I’m not saying my split ends and damaged hair was miraculously repaired in one use, but as soon as I applied, my hair felt incredibly soft! I have very thin curly to wavy hair, so brushing can sometimes be hard, again not an issue after using the whole blends products. (If you’re hair is hard to brush out or tends to break, try brushing it before getting in the shower, that way it wont get extra tangled when shampooing) I've gotten through 10 days with this product and I can already see and more than anything, I can feel an improvement on my hair.

I know we all have different hair types, and products may work differently on us but these passed my test! I haven’t tried all the other products from Garnier's Whole Blends, I think i'm sticking to my Honey Treasures (don’t you just love shampoo names?) it’s working for me, and I think my hair needs all the repairing it can get!

Check some of the other members of the Whole Blends line below

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I'm also staying away from highlights and coloring for a while and try to keep the heating tools at a minimum. Have to pitch in a bit; shampoo/conditioner can’t do all the work. What I might try next is the repairing mask from the same line. Wish me luck and a speedy recovery to my hair.

P.s: Garnier products are available everywhere! so you won't have any trouble finding these.

buy online: at Garnier

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