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Yes to The Dress: Wedding issue Part 2

Sorry, No spoilers here ;)

Ever since I can remember I’ve dreamt of the day I get married and more specifically, about my wedding dress. I know this is usually a dream all little girls have at some point. That Cinderella moment.

I’ve just gotten back from my first fitting, but I actually bought my dress back in July and like most designer dresses it took 6 months to arrive (keep this in mind 4-6 months) So for me the selection process was amazing but not stressful at all! I know many brides struggle a lot to find the PERFECT dress, and try on hundreds (big mistake) But I have to confess I never had that “this is it” moment yes I fell in love with my dress, but I am one of those girls who could live in an evening gown, so I loved almost all the dresses I tried. Still there are a few tips I was given that I found to be extremely helpful and true when it came to saying yes to the dress.

1. - Have an idea of what you want but don’t get “married” to it, try on different style, even if you know you’re not going to get it, it’s a once in a lifetime experience, so have fun!!

2. - Don’t over do it: Most stores know this and when they notice a bride who is getting overwhelmed they will tell you to come back another day, relax take your time! Again, enjoy this moment don’t make it a stressful day.

3. - Don’t bring your entire family: I only had my mom and my future mother in-law with me, and that was perfect! You need time to think and process the moment, having 10 people will just make you unsure.

4. - Have a budget in mind: The saddest thing I’ve seen is when a bride falls in love with a gown without knowing the price tag and then realizing its out of their budget, usually the sales staff will ask you what your budget is because of this.

5. - Plan ahead: if you want a designer gown, keep in mind that the require 4-6 months to make (some even 8) so if you dream of a Monique Lhuillier or Vera Wang? 6 months is pretty much it.

6. - Stand you ground: this is a tough one but very important tip. We all have that one person we look up to and seek their approval, whether its mom, grandmother, mother in law (you know yours) at this point, make sure you’re tough, let them know this is your moment, I know its hard but the biggest mistake you can do is buy a wedding dress just because your “mom” likes it. I have fortunately grown up knowing my taste is a bit different than my mom’s so I knew that when it came to wedding dresses she loves lace, flowers and bows … I don’t. But its ok she knows it too. So although it would be great for everybody to love your dress its not going to happen, we’re all different and that’s what’s so fun!!! Our wedding dress is a representation of who we are not who our friends and family are. But getting feedback is also good.

7. - Shoes and accessories: I highly recommend having your shoes and accessories for your first fitting that way you can try it on all together and if something is out of place? Getting out of the picture before the big day.

8. - Keep your wedding in mind: This might be an obvious one but believe me when you’re surrounded by pretty dresses we tend to forget it. Keep in mind what your wedding is going to be like, meaning day or night, outdoor or indoor, etc.… although you may love one dress, it may not be right for you wedding. A lot of dresses are for night only or some may be really uncomfortable for, lets say a beach wedding.

9.- keep your makeup light: when your dress arrives and you go in for your fitting, stay away from bronzers and or self tanners, spray tans etc. some mascara and a touch of blush is more than enough. This is the one you’ll be walking down the isle in so the last thing you want is to rub off some of that orangy powder on your dress.

One or More dresses?? So this is not a tip just a question I’ve gotten a lot. And the answer is a personal choice. For me, although I would love to buy all the dresses in the store, it’s all about that one perfect dress, I want to dance, smile, jump in one amazing dress. But I totally understand and think its really cool how brides have more than one; it all depends on your personality and your wedding.

My most stressful issue with the dress for some reason was waiting 6 months to try it on again. I’m one of those than when I buy a dress I try it on all the time before the event. So I was pretty anxious leading up to this fitting but at the same time made it that much more special to see it again.

I’m a firm believer of the dress being a surprise and wow moment when going through those doors, that’s why I’m not posting any photos, and also my fiancé pretty much threatened me that he didn’t want to see me in any dress whatsoever, it didn’t matter if it was the most hideous dress ever. He wants to be surprised. I have really appreciated this! It’s making the intensity of the moment build up even more.

Bridal Salon: Casa De Novia (Houston TX.

phone: 713.523.9090

Location: River Oaks Shopping Center 2040 West Gray St., Suite 120 Houston, TX 77019

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