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Aerial Yoga

It's the new year and for most of us our New Years resolution revolve around being healthier. Whether it's eating healthy (bye bye cheetohs) or working out regularly. Well today I can say I tried a workout I never thought I would; Aerial Yoga!! And not because I didn't want to try it but because I thought it was just to hard, but then again I am a child at heart and I've always had that fantasy of being a cirque du soleil performer, and this fulfilled my fantasy!

So a few weeks back the girls from Aerial Yoga Beorne put together an event and invited us to try out their studio, this was unexpected but totally awesome and worth it!!

I have to confess I've never been a fan of yoga, and not because I have anything against it, but because I am a hyperactive little person, I'm used to high intensity sports and workouts, it is way to hard for me to sit still for more than a minute. So yoga, (although I probably need to learn to relax and sit still), has always seemed too "calm" for me (feel the same way about golf) but HEY it's the new year time to try new things! And honestly Aerial yoga is my kind of yoga!! It is so entertaining and fun! But more than anything it's about trust and letting go, believe me it's not that you can't twirl around on the fabric. It's about taking that leap of faith and going for it! Still there were some moments that I felt (and looked) like a turtle on its back trying to flip over (literally)

If you like floating in water and feeling weightless this is for you! And like other sports the main misconception is that you have to be a pro to do these kind of activities and that's so not true!! The ladies at Aerial Yoga Beorne are the pros and they'll start you right from the beginning (aerial yoga 101)

Pros: So as I said im no yoga expert (and that's am understatement) but even I know there are some positions I could not even attempt, but Aerial yoga allows you to get through a yoga class without struggling as much. Also the whole hanging thing really gives you that weightless is such an amazing feeling. Perfect way to stretch out your back.

Cons: I'm sorry to say that if you're one of those who gets dizzy only by flipping your hair, this is not for you. Or if you have any Vertigo signs (I asked, sorry but not a good idea)

So it's 2016 time to get out there and try something new!!

Contact info:

  • Website:

  • Phone: 830-428-3022

  • Adress: 37131 IH10 West Frontage Road Suite 300-2. Beorne, TX 78006


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