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Beauty Wednesday: Cat Eye

Do you know that drawer in your house filled with unwanted makeup, practically new but the ones that failed your test, or simply did not perform like you wanted to? Well I had one but the contents were pretty much all eyeliners. From pencil liners, gels, marker style, designer, supermarket brands, etc..... The funny thing is the cat eye look is my go to makeup style for well ... anything! If it’s a day thing the line is thin and a bit more discrete, and then for night or special events the eyeliner get bold and thicker. But I struggled so much finding the perfect one to pull it off.

My favorite and only one I use now is the "Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Eye Liner" by L'Oreal. So Why this one over all the others? Well as its name states its super slim, which allows a more precise look, when they are thicker, you pretty much have to by a master not to end up looking like a quarterback. Also the tip is more flexible and helps it glide through the eyelid giving us a smooth look. And it doesn’t smudge; this in general goes for most Liquid liners, that’s why I use it over gel or pencil liners. APart form the product itself being amazing? You can't beat the price!!! $8.99 and available everywhere! ULTA, Walgreens, CVS, HEB.... the list goes on and on!

(Go to Mascara: Dior Show Black out)

I don’t mind paying a bit more for makeup when the product is worth but liquid eyeliners tend to dry up and in my case I use them a lot! This one has proved the opposite, yes sometimes it will dry up a bit but for the most part it doesn’t. And if it does the price is more forgiving than a $30 one. If you’re not a fan of L'Oreal and want more of a designer product The Ink Liner from Bobbi Brown is a good option ($29) - The only thing with these is that the tip is a bit stiff at first, like shoes I felt it needed like a break in period (yep just like shoes)

Why cat eye? So I have a couple friends you say they're not about the cat eye look. This is why I love it! Mainly because it makes you lashes look bigger and longer, and brightens up your eye. And it can be dressed down or up. Queen of cat eyeliner: Adele!

Tip: If you love your liner but feel that sometimes the line is not very smooth or lacks consistency, get another liner one with a thick end: like the "L'Oreal (also) Infallible Smokissime Liquid Eyeliner" and press down on a plastic surface or something non absorbent and washable, let the liquid drip, the get your slimmer liner and (just like an artist with brushes and paint) soak in the extra product and apply. Believe me! I do this and this trick gives you a more intense look. By the way this Chubby liner is perfect for a smokey eye too! Also good to do with and older liner like one of those that we have lying around, this way you can put them into good use.


  • L'Oreal Infallible Super Slim Via ULTA

  • Bobbi Brown Ink Liner Via Sephora

  • L'Oreal Infallible Smokissime Liquid liner (chubby tip for dripping amd smokey eyes) Via CVS

  • Dior Show Black Out Mascara via Saks Beauty


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