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H&M Beauty is Here!

Last week I was fortunate to attend the grand opening of the newest H&M store in San Antonio at North Star Mall. And got a first look at the place before the doors actually opened! But most important we got a chance to check out H&Ms baby ... The Beauty Department! And after a while looking like children at a candy store we got a gift bag with a selection of their products.

I won't lie, I have never been a fan of clothing brands makeup lines. I'm sorry but I keep feeling like, stick to what your good at! Except for lipgloss that I buy anywhere (within reason) and don't get me wrong I LOVE cheap makeup! I can spend hours at CVS or Walgreens at the cosmetics aisle. For example I really don't like Forever21's makeup, which is not that extensive to begin with. But I feel like their products are thin and lack quality, and still I can't help myself from grabbing a lipgloss while waiting in line. So, back to H&M when I saw their beauty department I was surprised! It looks just like a section of Sephora! It has its own corner, perfect lighting, well spaced. It is really really well put together. But still I felt like I couldn't get carried away by the shiny things, it's one thing to be well presented and another to actually have good products. After the show I got home and poured the contents out of the bag and again was so happy the selection included products I actually use! Lipstick, liquid eyeliner, eye shadows, and nail polish. So after playing with them like a little girl in her mom's makeup bag, here are my findings (yes this is a science experiment)

  • Eye Colour Palette: im not much for colored eye shadows, I like to stick to Browns and blacks, basically neutrals. This i'm sorry is my least favorite; the lighter shades lack richness and pigment, BUT the Browns in this palette are really intense so, I'm happy with just the Browns!

  • Cream Lip Colour: this I love! It is very creamy and rich, I love the color consistency and presentation! Getting a good cream lipstick is not easy they're either extra creamy and smudge everywhere or they are drier than than Sand. So kudos to H&M for this. Shade: Peach Fuzz 009 (same as nail polish exact shade not available online, but in case you want to order close to this one)

  • Nail Polish: there are two things I always look for in a good polish no matter the price or brand. Consistency, meaning that it's not like pure water, that you have to do 10 coats to get the color shown in the bottle. And how fast they dry! I am one of those hyper people who just can't sit still, so waiting 40 minutes with my hands up in the air for my nails to dry is just not possible! Nail polish from H&M (at least this shade) get a 10 on both! The color is quite thick, it really only needs two coats to get it right and the dry time was surprisingly good. Many people also check for durability, does it chip or fade. I really can't judge on that I put my hands through so much with tennis that I chip even shellac. Ooh another plus! The brush is thick and chubby! Which some brands go cheap and get those super slim brushes that takes hours to use (ehem Chanel!) - Color not available online but linked the closest one to this shade.

  • ​Aqua Liquid Eyeliner: saved the best for last!!! My favorite so far! For those who know me or have seen my photos (IG: Toasty_A) my daily makeup pretty much is a cat eye, so I've tried my fair share of eye liners. For those like me, you know this is a tricky one, liquid eyeliners can be evil little buggers when it comes to application, they can smudge, not dry, be watery, or last about 10min. This baby is perfect!!! It is extremely thin perfect for precision and easy to handle! It glides right through. And is long lasting! At least all through the day. I first tried it on my hand and as reflex tried to wipe of with my sweater (oops) but it wouldn't come off! So smudge free! It does however have a bit of sparkle to it, very subtle but still there. Shade: Charcoal Spark

I was also very surprise on how big and complete their beauty department is, I means there all from make up brushes, to hair care, lotions, face products, hair brushes and the make up of course, among other things, so I'm really excited to try more of these products and add them here.

Shop: H&M Beauty (or click your favorite product's)

P.S: shoes in first pic also form H&M (Click Me)

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