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Fresh Start

So I made it through my first detox, I’ve been meaning to do a cleanse for a while and especially now after summer and vacations.

I did try to be good and eat healthy snacks like fruit and veggies during summer, but I like enjoying myself while on vacation (Who doesn’t)? To the point where on my last stay in Mexico City I had a churro overload (yes there is such a thing) well maybe it was a -taco, churro, hot chocolate and god knows what else- overload. (I regret nothing!!) Up until like 5 in the morning when I could only ask my self “why me??” – it was bad- but then again that’s what summer is all about! Coming back to reality I felt like my body also needed a reboot. As many of you may know or probably have seen i'm a huge fan of the cold pressed juices from Revolucion Coffee + Juice, and I did know about their detox packages, but never really got around to doing one until now! So here’s how it works and how I managed! But first I really want to say don’t do a detox solely to lose weight, sure it helps and you will lose a few pounds, but always remember to be healthy.

Phase 1: “This is perfect! Three days of delicious juices is a piece of cake”- It all starts on a positive note. For me the first day was not bad at all I stuck to my juices all day, drinking each bottle like clockwork every two hours, until around 6 or 7pm. My problem is at night when I get home and get to watch some TV and usually after working out, I can eat whatever is left in front of me. So resisting myself to those “munchies” was not easy.

Phase 2: “ENOUGH!” the second days for me was the worse and believe me it wasn’t because I felt bad or anything I just started craving everything I saw. Chipotle, Subway, Chickfila. Really anything I drove by!! And I wasn’t even hungry! Because the juices do an amazing job in fueling you up. At this point I did consider cutting it short … but thankfully I didn’t. It’s also hard because you are craving things but then you go to your fridge and see tons of juices staring back at you! But the key is like everything else; just one by one don’t get overwhelmed.

Phase 3: “This wasn’t that bad” Day three (or the last day) is when you realize its actually not that bad, and that you only have 6 juices left! You even get the feeling like you could do this for two more days. The overwhelming moment is gone and the success feeling starts taking over.

Tips when doing a detox: I couple things I did notice and want to share,

1.- Some people are able to workout without any problems, I really couldn’t. Yoga and pilates was fine but really trying to get through my regular training session on court was not easy. It might also be because it’s still very hot in Texas. Just be careful.

2.- This I was warned about, avoid being bored at home, that’s when the cravings hit, and it’s mostly because we’re bored.

3.- Make sure you do talk to the guys at Revolucion, they do an amazing job customizing your package to your activity level, and preferences when it comes to juices. For example I got a couple more protein and almond milk juices because of my training schedule. We are all different and they will adjust to that.

4.- This is a bit of TMI, but I really think its something very important to keep in mind. Make sure that while on any kind of detox you are in a place where you are comfortable enough to use the bathroom, because believe me, during the first day you will NEED to go to the bathroom very often. Its all good, that’s part of the point of a detox (cleaning out our system) but well still thought I should mention it.

At Revolucion, their detox packages vary, and there's one for everybody. First they have the "Weekend Recovery Kit" this is designed to flood your system with all natural fresh cold pressed juice to help you recover after a long weekend, and its a 2 day thing. Next they have "UNO" detox, one day cleanse recommended for first timmers. The "La Vida Detox" for 3 days . This is the one I did includes more variety in its juices, it mixes grean, fruit and milk/protein juices.

And for those who are tough (not me) they offer "El Toro" detox it also mixes juices but it sticks more to the greens and lower calorie ones, its a bit more strict. And finally "Cinco" which is your choice of "El Toro" or "La Vida" but extended to a 5 day detox program.

I really believe that a good detox is great to jump start us into a healthier diet, and to flush out all the bad stuff hanging around in our system, like I said above don’t focus on the weight, that will come on its own with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It’s all about feeling good inside and out!

Read more about all the good stuff from Revolucion Coffee+Juices at their website or stop by they have more than juices!!

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