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The Swim Issue

With summer comes great responsibility … (HAHA) but true we come to the point that we need to pick our swimsuits and it can be a bit challenging; are these triangles to small, will it cover enough, or even am I too covered up… (click on images to shop pieces)

For me it all comes down to where you’re going, whom you’re going with, and what you’re doing there. And I break it up into 3 groups; Friends, Family, and your special someone.

1- Friends: When taking a trip with your girlfriends we can wear something a bit riskier, maybe a smaller cut, usually this kind of trip is to tan our day away until looking like a very well done piece of bacon (always wear sun block) Make sure that if your main purpose is to get that summer tan, that you don’t go overboard and that you pick a suit that you don’t hate the tan lines it leaves behind. Example: if you have a wedding and your dress is strapless PLEASE PLEASE do not wear a halter top suit … you will regret it for the rest of your life and photos are forever (curse the digital world)

2- Family: Going on a family vacation is always fun, we get to enjoy them and spend time with them, but whether your family involves little cousins and nephews or nosey aunts, my ideal pick for this type of trip would be a more modest cut suit, maybe a one piece or a bikini but one that doesn’t show anything you don’t want your grandparents and little ones seeing. Believe me wearing a teeny weenie bikini can get annoying around that beloved family member that can’t keep her/his opinions to themselves and will tell everybody back home how inappropriate you were (even if it really wasn’t that bad) and also be careful on wearing a strapless top or suit around kids, it is very possible they could accidentally pull something down….

3- Special Someone: Packing for this kind of getaway I think is a bit easier, when it comes to suit style take whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, but do try to pack the nice suit maybe leave that one bikini that survived spring break in Cancun, behind. And since you never know who you might run into (husband’s/boyfriend’s boss) try to make all your looks presentable, beachwear can be tough but packing a maxi dress or skirt to go with your suit is always a good idea. They are extremely comfortable and look very chic and elegant.