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Pack Your Bags!

This past Wednesday (07.08.15) I got the opportunity to share a few of my "smart travel tips" on San Antonio Living! And first of all let me just say that what was almost giving me a nervous breakdown (this was my first ever live show/appearance of any kind) ended up being one of the best experiences ever! I'm used to sharing while writing on Toasty A but actually talking and sharing live with all of you was amazing! I really hope that everyone enjoyed the segment and most of all I hope it was helpful for anyone planning a trip. And because of this I decided to share those tips here and then some! - plus a link to the segment in case you missed it and want to check it out!

(Click on photo to check out the segment!!!)

We all know summer is the time to travel, but nobody I mean nobody, likes packing (if there is someone out there I'm yet to meet them) and as if packing itself wasn't hard enough, knowing what to take with you could be worse! Confession: I have had days that I literally just sit down on the floor in my room just staring at my suitcase and then looking over to my closet, as if things would magically start packing themselves. But always being on the move has made me develop a little system, it might not be the best but it helps! (Let's say we are packing for a summer getaway)

1- figure out where you're going and what you're going to be doing, it also helps to check the weather channel, it will give you some sort of idea what to expect.

2- try to plan out an outfit for each day you'll be away (keeping in mind your activities) then add one or two dinner/night time looks, - also a good look in case you'll be doing some sightseeing. For example when I pack for the beach I do mainly bathing suits which I wear under any outfit, I take with me mostly light dresses and coverups to be comfortable at the pool or beach, then a couple looks for dinner, something more dressy (maxi dresses are a great option they can go from day to night) and finally no matter how amazing the beach and pool are, I always like to check out the town, do a little local shopping, and go sightseeing. For this I add a more casual and comfy look, maybe some shorts a cute top and most importantly comfortable sneaker like shoes (something that protects your feet a little bit more than flip flops) - you have no idea how many people I've seen destroy their feet because they wore flip flops where the ground is uneven, dirty or pure gravel! Oh a tip! always add an extra top (in case of emergency) and if you want to travel light, make sure your outfit pieces all go well with each other, in case you need an extra look, you can mix and match what you have and create an all new look (mentioned in segment)

3- most important of all! Always pack your essentials! If you see the segment you can see my makeup bag also

works as a toiletry case, when it comes to your bathroom goods try finding all the travel sizes, there's no need for you to add extra weight and take over your bag's space.

Makeup: pack only what you really need and use the most, no need to pack your entire eye shadow collection. Also take make up remover wipes, instead of your liquid remover, this way you won't have to worry about TSA's ever changing rules, and won't risk having an explosion in your bag and ruining everything. When going to the beach... Take advantage of your beach hair! No need to pack all your regular styling tools. My hair is already curly so I like taking a straightener just to help smooth out those crazy frizzy things that pop out with ocean humidity.

4- Shoes and accessories: This is basically just like your outfits. plan out what looks good with what, but remember 2 accessory pieces are more than enough for a short getaway- this goes for sunglasses!

Hats: I am not a fan of traveling with hats, I love them once I'm there but they're the most annoying thing to carry - if you're driving to your destination, you just make sure that the hat is on top of

everything and done - but if your flying, 3 choices: First: carry it around everywhere. Second: wear it, people in the plane might hate you, but your hat will be safe. and Third: if you are going to pack it, make a hole in the middle of all your stuff where the head part fits, placing it upside down, making sure the sides are completely flat, then fill the head part with all your small pieces like socks.

Shoes: when it comes to shoes I like to pack three kinds, flip flops: which fit anywhere. Sneaker type for walking, and a wedge style shoe, in case you feel like dressing up and going out. Wedges will give us the height we love when going out, but they will still allow you to walk wherever your headed.

And last but not least, to get the most out of your travel space when packing clothes, instead of folding them; lay them completely flat and straight.

This is basically all you need to know to get the most out of your weekender bag, traveling light without missing out is possible! Hope this helps and have fun!

A big thank you to Alanna Sarabia, Shelly Miles and the whole San Antonio Living cast and crew!

P.S: complete outfit for the show - Top: Camillia Crown, Shorts: Forever21, Sunglasses: Quay Australia.

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