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Summer Workouts

The scorching hot temperatures during summer are no excuse to quit our outdoor workouts and favorite sports (although it's hard not too)

Being a tennis player there's not much you can do to escape the heat, you can maybe switch part of your fitness indoors but to be honest that's pretty much it. The one thing that does change for me is my schedule, I try to go earlier for morning sessions or later in the afternoon, anything that helps... that's pretty much it, and in the end most tournaments will be played just about when the court is catching fire anyway, so might as well get used to it.

Like most outdoor sports, doesn't matter if you're careful, you will be left with quite a few unflattering tan lines (sock tan, skirt/shorts, tank top or the dreaded shortsleeved tan) yep I plaster myself with sunblock and even then I can't escape this curse ... My boyfriend is nice enough to say "the are marks of your hard work" but then you have my family and friends "OMG your sock tan is hilarious!!" Oh well such is life ... Good thing is we'll always have a good excuse to run away to the beach to even out those tan lines.

Quick serious tip ... If you do workout outside please be careful, drink lots of water, wear sunblock and if there is a heat advisory; change your workout inside or when the sun goes down, don't want to get dehydrated or anything like that. Believe me I've been there and it's not pretty. When the heat gets to its full potential I use the Neutrogena spf 100 sunblock, that thing is powerful!! be sure to put it on well or you'll be able to tell the spots the sunblock missed. Also as most of us know its extremely important to stretch after you work out and in this heat it no different! STRETCH!!!

And just to finish off because I'm a foodie at heart, nothing beats something cold after a tough workout and during summer believe or not snacks are actually healthy! one of my fvorites is that watermelon that has been waiting for me in the fridge or cold raspberries ... Well any kind of berry, also popsicles are a good choice... I tend to store my cold fruit like a squierrel for when I get back.

Don't throw away all that hard work you did to be ready for summer, keep it going!

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