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The Balloon Bar

So it's Wednesday which means we made it through half the week also that there's still half more to go, depends if you're glass half full or half empty kinda person. Well anyway Wednesday has got me thinking of the weekend ... again.

While spending the day in Austin this past saturday I got the oportunity to do a pretty cool and fun collaboration with one of the most original businesses in town, The Balloon Bar. As the name states the do balloons, thats it. But its all about what kind of balloons, they are really the cutest things ever! oh and by the way they're HUGE!!

As we were searching for a good spot to take some fun pictures, it started to rain, of course like its becoming tradition here in Texas (#NoMoreRain) and by trying to get out of the rain we ended up under a brigde (yes very troll like) by the trail entrance to Zilker Park. and just like that when we least expected it some kinda cool and quite fitting street art ended up being the bagdrop of this shoot, which coincidentally matched my dress (CMEO collective)

I have to be honest this has been one of the most fun projects I have done so far! We always have that party, graduation, birthday, whatever that we think on getting an original card or balloon or maybe even flowers, which is good but these babies are far from basics and a really good idea for your next "I don't know what to get her" situation.

A special thanks to both Camilla Crown and The Balloon Bar

So fun even Moro (Newfoundland) got a chance to strutt his stuff with the balloon.

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