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Fringe Madness

Shoes, jackets, bags, skirts! Fringe is everywhere and on anything so it’ s without a doubt the must for the spring/summer season. And one of the reasons I love fringe, apart from being fun and giving movement to our looks, its something you can wear as little or as much as you want. It can be just a detail on shoes, or have a jacket completely covered in it. You don’t have to compromise your style to pull it off, like we’ve all done with that fad that never looked good on us but we just had to buy!

Not sure why fringe is so popular right now, it might be because of Coachella or maybe a love for western movies but I couldn’t be happier! Some of my favorite pieces would have to be shoes and bags. While in New York I was able to find exactly that! Shoes and bag that are just what I needed to fuel this fringe madness (shown below)

The shoes are Zara, I had been looking for these for a while but were sold out everywhere and just when I was about to give up I found them at their store on 5th, of course a two story Zara store would have everything!!

The bag was another story I just happened to stumble upon it in H&M, ($29.99) and I cant believe I hesitated, for like a second, but still it crossed my mind not to get it … if you’re also going through this phase then these links are for you!

Happy (fringe) Shopping!!

- Fringed Sandal Zara - Shop

- Fringed Booties Zara - Shop

- Fringed Purse HM - Shop - Available in black, brown, blush & white

- All Fringe jacket HM - Shop

- Fringed maxi skirt HM - Shop

- Fringe Belt BCBG - Shop

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