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The New "it" Shoe??

Every season we fall in love with the new "it" piece in fashion, and when it comes to shoes, most of the times it's that killer designer heels... That we actually consider maxing-out our credit cards for.... But this time I've noticed that "it" has a more laid back style - coming in the form of a sneaker.

After really thinking about what this was all about I came to the conclusion that our lives have become a non-stop marathon. Whether you have kids and run around all day trying to catch them or if the airport is becoming your second home or maybe even having to walk 10 blocks to get to work. It has become incredibly hard to wear heels on a daily basis (don't get me wrong I adore high heels) Thus the sneaker comes into play. And from Nike to Chanel we have spotted all the stylish girls and even models wearing their own pair. Converse have been around for a while, but these are different they are more of a trainer style. actually better for walking. (or whatever it is you need to run around for)

So how to pair theses too-good-to-be-true shoes?? Well I would say keep your look nice and polished don't abuse the fact that you're wearing sneakers you don't want to look like your walking around in your PJs. My favorite look is paired with some cool leather leggings and a laidback (but still presentable) top or sweater. Another good look are jeans, and a nice coat or jacket.

Yes sneakers are the new "it" shoe but that doesn't mean they go with everything or that you can wear them anywhere (not office appropriate) But from there on ... feel free!

There are a many good styles out there and there is one for every budget. I went for the New Balance 420s – I saw that the 574s are the most popular right now, but when I found the 420s I loved that they were a bit sleeker than the others and that was exactly what I was looking for. They come in so many colors and styles you wont be able to decide. Oh and if you can’t find one you like you can customize your pair at

But whatever brand you pick, look for the "life style" model, that's where you'll find these, they are not for gym or training - they're just for looks, and comfort ;)

Finish Line La Cantera (above)

Other options for any budget:

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