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Thanksgiving dinner is one of the few days of the year that no one can judge us about what and how much we eat! But after the whole weekend of pies, turkey, and everything good we remember all the holiday parties coming our way (some have already started) and want to look our best at all of them, but It's so challenging since all these parties have the best food (and so much of it!!) Thankfully I came across a “lose 5lbs in one week” article in ELLE mag – sounds to good to be true right? but believe me it works- here they go:

  • Drink mainly water: switch out your go to flavored drink for water, especially get rid of soda, even if its diet. Water will flush out everything your body doesn’t need.

  • Ban white bread, grains and pasta: cut all white grain products like; white rice, pasta, and sandwich rolls. They all contribute to bloating.

  • 30 minutes of cardio daily: this one might be hard for some, but if you work out regularly try switching to cardio for 30 min a day, if you don’t work out at all try going out for a walk (try to do the 30 min too)

  • Drink coffee an hour before workout: exception to the water rule, drink black or skim coffee to get that boost in your workout, and will help you burn more calories.

  • Do 36 pushups and lunges (combined): try doing three sets of twelve every other day (mix it up)

  • Add 30 minutes of sleep every night: more sleep boosts our metabolism, by adding just 30 min to your sleep schedule will really help you out.

  • Make one food sacrifice: of course you will have to surrender one of those cravings, that we know is bad for us (bye bye flaming hot Cheetos) or maybe just don’t get dessert, and especially if possible cut out completely sweets after dinner. (it’s really hard for our bodies to process sugar before bed)

  • Salmon for lunch: Salmon has so many nutrients that are body needs, it doesn’t matter how its cooked but just make sure you eat some (BTW it will make your hair healthier)

  • Squats and sit ups: again if you can try fitting in three sets of twelve, every other day, to boost the weight loss

  • Anti gas pill: sometimes the simplest way to lose weight is by getting rid of all that excess water our bodies love storing, so try taking one pill after your main meal and one before bed… sometimes eating healthy backfires, like broccoli and other green stuff can turn you into a balloon (true story) but this doesn’t work on it own, you do have eat healthy and workout.

I tried this for a wedding I had a few months ago, and I didn’t focus so much on the weight loss but on how I looked and felt (like it should be) and believe me you might not lose the 5lbs but you’ll sure look 5lbs slimmer. Oh and this way when you show up to your Christmas parties you will feel and look great! In your face __________ (fill in the blank with that bitter jealous friend or family member) (;

P.S this tip wasn’t in the article but I try to do it everyday, drink hot green tea after your meals, especially lunch and dinner (no sugar) its great for detox and filled with antioxidants that will flush out all the bad things you don’t need, and makes skin look amazing. Also if your one of those (like me) who at night could eat a whole cow... try eating for dinner mushrooms, just sauted witha bit of light margarine and salt. Mushrooms will make you feel extremely satisfied without the calories.

Next these are a few foods that have helped me survive during a diet… some I love, others I just eat because I have too.

  • Artichokes: Love them, they are basically all fiber.

  • Water: we need it!

  • Dark chocolate: it satisfies cravings and has no sugar (make sure it is dark, no milk chocolate allowed)

  • Almonds: probably should eat more… also helps satisfy hunger, they make you feel full faster, and they're are good for the brain.

  • Cottage cheese: try the low sodium kind (this I don’t like… its highly recommended though)

  • Avocados: those who know me know I have a deep hate towards avocados (crazy for a Mexican) but it has also been highly recommended by nutritionists, it has the good kind of fat that we need.

  • Raspberries: I LOVE!!!! And they keep you full for hours, plus they are all water (no guilt)

  • Eggs: a lot of people avoid eggs because of cholesterol, but they are great for breakfast you’ll survive for hours, just avoid cooking with oil and overdoing it with the salt, hard boiled are the best.

  • Spinach: I eat it every day, basically all water and fiber, plus it will not bloat like lettuce (if you have that problem)

  • Pickles: I don’t really understand why they are so recommended, some say that because it’s a strong flavor that it makes you feel satisfied and controls cravings… but I like them

  • Probiotics: Greek yogurt is the simplest thing, also try Yakult, it s a small probiotic drink I’ve been drinking since I was a kid, or go for a supplement like Garden of Life- Primal Defense HSO probiotic formula- do all three, you can never get enough, it will restore and boost your metabolism

  • Maca Powder: if you are a smoothie person, try adding a spoonful of Maca powder, it also helps accelerate and boost your metabolism

You don’t have to eat ALL of these things, but try out a few it might help you get through the diet or at least control the anger when we get hungry and we know we cant get French fries.

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