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I’m constantly looking for new and fun things to do in San Antonio; and yes I know there is so much to do here, but sometimes we get so used to the movie and dinner routine that we forget there’s a whole other world outside. So here’s another option, which I found to be really fun and actually productive.

While walking around at La Cantera I came across Sur La Table’s “cooking classes” sign on the window; and I had watched a couple of the cooking classes at William Sonoma, and to be honest they did not look like fun. But unlike WS, where the chef (teacher) basically does everything while you take notes and sample bits and pieces (don’t get me wrong I love W.S -Other William Sonoma stores might be different this is just the one at La Cantera-). Sur la Table’s program is way different! For starters they have an amazing kitchen in the back of the store (FYI its huge) so it’s real cooking!

Here’s how they do it, you get put into groups of 3 or 4 (depends on how many people attend) and you get to do all the cooking while the chef is demonstrating, so you’re following step by step – and yes you are responsible for burning your food- and at the end you sit down and enjoy your own creations (don’t worry if your food didn’t make it to the end of the class the Chef will share what he/she made) we’ve taken two classes now, first we did a pasta and home made mozzarella cheese workshop some time ago. We had been wanting to go back, and finally did this weekend.

This time (since the holidays are right around the corner) we did the “holiday appetizer” class, and it couldn’t have been more helpful!! We all have those Christmas parties and holiday events, after this class you can serve something holiday themed and show off your cooking skills a bit. The menu for the class was: Spiced mixed nuts, mini crab cakes with remoulade, sweet potato fritters, truffled deviled eggs, and chive puffs with smoked salmon filling. These things were all new to me, I had never even thought about preparing any of them my self. So great learning experience and since this time it was a smaller group (6 total) the class felt so much more personal, we all got to do our part and really interact with each other and with the chef, Chris Kidd, who’s amazing by the way! I really recommend these classes especially try taking advantage of the holiday themes! Since they tend to change with the seasons. Looking around town, I found that Sur La Table is the only place that has this type of program in San Antonio (I don’t mean actual culinary school)

I have to admit I had so much, we decided to make a date out of it, but you can get a group of friends and make it your night out (or day out). You can ever plan a party or private event, that’s the best thing they are flexible to anything and have so many classes that you’ll definitely find one that fits your schedule and interests.

Most classes cost around $69 and are around 2 hours long (including everything you will need during the class and well, dinner) a few vary in price, and you can purchase them online at their website or at the store, just pick one and check the available seats and you’re done.

And like I mentioned before right now the have a lot of holiday themed classes that will really come in handy!

Oh quick tip for the ladies, this time I had the duty of chopping a very mean onion and well ended up looking like a raccoon… never happened before but try wearing waterproof mascara if your class includes onions!

(Saturday's Group)

Cooking Class schedule: Sur La Table

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