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FWSA: Fashion Week San Antonio (Nov 1-7)

Trying to squeeze all of Fashion Week San Antonio into one post almost gave me a migraine, since so much went on from November 1-7. But I tried my best to share what I attended.

It all kicked off with the Dia de los Muertos Masquerade Ball, at the Tobin Center, and it was all perfect! The setting (Tobin center is amazing) the outfits, and the weather!!! Which as we all know is a blessing in Texas. (And thank god because sweating around in a mask and cocktail would have been a disaster)

I wasn’t able to make to all the shows but I was so impressed with the designers that showed their collections, starting with Celestino, Samantha Plasencia during opening weekend, followed by A’gaci and what made me really happy was the Moda Next show, that allowed amazing new designers to showcase their goods, they are all so talented and deserve that boost t get their brand. This show included Valerie Perez- VERSEAU, Blanquita Sullivan- BONJOUR BIQUI, Christian Alonzo- ’91 AUTHENTIC, Joey Ramirez-JOSE RAMIREZ, and last but not least Bruno Horwath- ALA VERB CLOTHING. If you’ve never heard of them please check them out!

Next; Wednesday show was the Bonita Brazil presented by Lure, what I liked about them was the fact that it was an international brand here in Texas, and well Brazil is all about summer at tropical vibes (and since fall is already here) we got to dream ahead about 2015 summer, the flowy dresses, bikinis and shorts were a flash forward look into next year. Also that this show included three designers in one show, Morena Rosa, MOIKANA, and Cyntia Fontanella, its so much fun watching the different styles on one runway

And finally the closeout show (missed Thursday’s show) was RVN New York, and for me this was my favorite I’m not sure if it was the collection itself was amazing, or if its totally my style ;) or even just because getting to see such an established designer up close here in San Antonio was a huge treat. And apparently I wasn’t the only one who was a fan of RVN since the show was packed!

Just to finish off I really enjoyed the whole week I loved that apart from the fashion shows FWSA had so many city events around town allowing people to really enjoy and attend events, and I’m all for giving San Antonio a fashion revamp! Don’t get me wrong I love this city but we don’t get many fashion events around here, and for all of us fashion-lovers its tough (sigh) so much that I would strongly suggest that for next year FWSA organizers can find a larger venue, Museo Alameda is pretty cool but those who attended will tell you these events will draw huge crowds of fashionistas and will need to expand … but all in all huge props the guys putting this together and many congrats to all the designers that go to showcase their talents this past week

See you next year FWSA!!!

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