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I think we’ve all heard about a Snow Ball effect- When you take something very simple and some how slowly keeps growing turning into a huge mess. Well for some reason I created this for myself while searching for the perfect dress for a wedding. here goes….

First off I always have a couple rules to follow when getting a dress for a wedding, maybe more like guidelines but still must be followed:

1.- Make sure you know what the bridesmaids are wearing. Believe me this rule comes from personal experience and it was no fun. I showed up to a family friend’s wedding and somehow a managed to match exactly the shade of purple of my dress to the bridesmaids, and because of this I spent the entire night hiding from photographers that wanted me to join the wedding party for the photos or videos.

2.- No white; this is pretty obvious but we’ve all seen that one girl who shows up wearing white, You don’t want to be her! Also if you get a silver or grey dress, make sure you test it in photos. In person the dress might not be anything close to white but once that flash hits it, things change, this applies even more if you know the bride and you’ll likely be photographed with her.

With these guidelines in mind, I started browsing online and at the stores, it was all nice and easy at this point. Told myself “I got this!” well I didn’t !

Dress number one was this beautiful emerald green sequined dress with cap sleeves and an open back, the one problem was that it was a trunk show sample dress it could only be put on hold for 24 hours before it had to be shipped out, and I wanted to keep looking. No surprise when I went back to get it, it was gone.. no problem I was still confident and said “it wasn’t the one” after that I tried a few dresses on but did not love the fit or it just wasn’t what I wanted. Browsing online I found another great dress, high low princess dress, problem was it was only available online, so I tried finding it at the actual store but was unsuccessful … went back online to order and it was already sold out… and by this point I started getting frustrated, I was later told that I could get that princess dress special ordered from the seller (sounds perfect) but once I was getting ready to hand over my card the manager said “just so you know this is a final sale” WHAT?! Sorry but I was not going to risk purchasing a dress that I might not like in person or it might not even fit (evening gowns are not cheap either) after all these failed attempts, four different stores, and about thirteen different dresses I felt so lost how did I get to this point I mean why?? it was just a dress. I started thinking about it and really asking why I made such a big deal about this whole thing, i've been to many weddings and had never had so much trouble finding a dress (excluding my brothers wedding , that’s different)

Suddenly it hit me the bride was my boyfriend’s cousin and in almost 7 years with him I had never actually gone to a wedding or event with his entire family, for one reason or another I had missed all the previous gatherings … so I subconsciously put pressure on myself in finding a perfect outfit for it, I love them all very much but I guess no matter how long you’ve been with someone you will always have that “wanting to look perfect for them feeling”.

So after I had pinpointed the real issue I went back online found a very similar dress to the first one- same brand, green sequence- called Neiman Marcus and gave them the info so that I could come to the store and order it. When I got there I was trying on a couple more (don’t really know why I was still trying on dresses but ok) when they knock on the door and tell me that for some reason the code on that dress was popping up as “available at the store” but when they went to get it wasn’t it. But as I opened the door I saw that it was actually that first dress! The very first one I tried on, the trunk show dress that had been sent back! Well it somehow got left behind. The attendant told me that they had that one but they could still call to order the other green dress, at that point I think I snatched the dress from her hands and just said “I’ll take it!”

I guess it was meant to be…. Lesson learned: don’t second-guess yourself if you love that very first one just get it. (scared to think what will happen when I have to find my wedding dress)

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