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Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to help out but you don’t know how? Well I'm always thinking that, I have done my fair share of community service, but sometimes I just sit back and realize I've been so blessed in my life, and never have had to experience hunger, but then I don’t know where to start or how to help exactly.

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine told me about the No Kid Hungry organization and their blogger program, so I started doing my research to see how this worked (there’s always that feeling of “will this actually help people in need") and let me tell you I loved all their programs and right away decided to join the NKH blogger team to help spread the word.

What I like the most is how many different ways of helping or donating the offer, they’re not just asking for money, (we’ve all seen those TV ads where all they want is cash) NKH offers so many fun and different ways to raise money to help end child hunger in our communities, among those is their currents campaign, Dine Out NKH (#90meals) it's the easiest way. Lets face it we all eat out more than we should :/ well now you don’t have to feel guilty about it, because every time you dine out at any of the participating restaurants you can donate and get some extra discount on you bill. I know you might think “oh that sounds good but there’s probably none of those restaurants near me” well think again… with over 9,000 supporting establishments, I am sure you’ll find a few near you! One of my favorites is going to Orange Leaf frozen yogurt, for starters I’m addicted to fro-yo, second I have and OL right around the corner from my place, and finally when you get your frozen yogurt with them you can get their reusable orange cup for $1 and those proceeds go directly to NKH and to help end child hunger in your community, plus you get to keep a cute cup to use around the house.

You’ll be surprised to find out all the places that are participating, it actually happened to me this weekend; I went to Joe’s Crab Shack just because I love seafood and was craving their crab legs, but as I walked in I was pleasantly surprised to find this huge orange banner hanging on their wall “NO KID HUNGRY” and t-shirts all over the place available for purchase, this all made my dinner even better!!! I got to eat at one of my favorite spots while giving something back.

You can’t really go wrong with NKH there’s something for everyone and yes of course you can always donate the old fashion way by going to their website, but think about it… helping out never tasted this good!! So visit their website for more info and a complete list of the participating restaurants or find your perfect way to help out!

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