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BRUNCH: San Antonio, TX.

I don’t know about you, but I think BRUNCH is the best meal of the day… first you get to eat breakfast as lunch without anyone judging you for having eggs in the middle of day, second MIMOSAS!! Need I say more :)

, third brunch menus are way better, like fried chicken and waffles (first time I heard about this I cringed) and finally brunch is just so posh, since its later in the day you get to dress up, unlike eating your cereal in your PJs, smudged makeup, and a huge birds nest sitting on your head which will probably require an entire bottle of conditioner to untangle. Don’t get me wrong those days are so nice and I know cause that would be me. But Sunday brunch gives you a break from that and will probably make people think you actually always look that good during breakfast everyday …. SHHHH (;

Since I’m currently in San Antonio I’ve composed a list for you of my favorite spots around town for the perfect brunch:

  • Max’s Wine Dive – Quarry Village: this is one of my top spots, the food is amazing especially their fried chicken and the max and cheese (Mac & cheese) with truffle cream, and their mimosa selection is pretty good. Also the place its self is very cool, very modern it’s something different than most breakfast spots. But for some reason I see this place as being more for adults, not that its not kid friendly, I’ve seen many parents there with their kids, but the food is very good and elaborate… you know how children are, don’t think they have a kids menu but they’ll will happily make something for them, just saying.

  • Le Peep Café – Stone Oak: Yes please!! Le peep is more of a traditional breakfast place, meaning they open earlier and they have the basics and friendly menus for all ages, for me their eggs Benedict and cinnamon cappuccinos are why I go. It has become very popular during the weekend so you will have to wait for a bit, but line moves fast. Now going to le peep is all about the food, the place is nice and quaint but nothing fancy (decorations) and when the place s full you might feel like you’re part of the family sitting at table next to you, but the food is worth it.

  • Arcade Midtown Kitchen – Historic Pearl: Now these guys have an amazing brunch menu, I haven’t been able to try everything but it all looks so good, its one of those places where your spying over the other tables to see what they got in a very good way. Its no secret I love the entire Pearl area, I have nothing bad to say about the place, except try and call ahead to make a reservation, it does fill up quickly or they’ll have reserved tables for other people and will not let them go for a drop in. I’ve not had lunch or dinner there but just as their brunch menu it all looks really good. Same kid situation as Max’s Wine Dive though. But again this does have that posh brunch experience feel.

  • Magnolia Pancake Haus – Embassy Oaks: I hate to do this… yes their pancakes and bacon, and all their food is really good but I just to feel like its not worth the hour wait. I have been there a couple times during the weekend and both times the wait was way to long for the actual food, I thought it might just be me, but friends of mine have been through exactly the same when eating there. On the positive side menu is large and very family friendly, but maybe stick to eating there during the week if you can. Not fancy either…

  • IHOP –multiple locations: I just have to include IHOP on this list! its nothing fancy nor elegant, but the food is good, not expensive and open 24 hours… and everyone loves IHOP (I think) if you’re picky about food, they will usually make you anything you want even if its not on their menu (within reason) but some locations during the weekend have the same problem as Magnolia, the wait can get pretty bad, and well it isn’t that posh brunch experience that others have, its more like “I’m hungry I’ll eat whatever”.

Well these are some of the spots I know here in San Antonio, there are many more good places in town, hopefully I can try them soon. You can let me know what your favorite spots are and what your experiences were. To bad brunch for me is only a weekend thing… I’ll have to settle for my coffee and oatmeal :(

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