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Its that time of year again, and its not a good one, its when the post-summer-vacation depression starts kicking in… school and work start all over again and summer is coming to an end. If you’re grumpy right now and cant even look your boss in the eyes because he just reminds you, you’re no longer at the beach (also applies to teachers) don’t worry you’re not the only one. I’ve come to accept it and like the flu we just have to let it runs its course ): But listening to Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness again will only make it worse

And if this wasn’t bad enough I’m having a bit of a fit with the stores and brands right now, I always do this time of year. I really hate this in between season. Summer is ending but the heat is not going away anytime soon (at least not here in Texas) and the stores decide to start putting up their fall trends! How can I think of buying a coat or leather pants when my shorts are not short enough in this 100-degree weather. Don’t get me wrong I love fall and winter fashion but not when you can probably still fry an egg on the street. (never actually tried it)

But I guess there is a silver lining (a bit small but I’ll take it) Labor Day weekend is coming up!! And that one extra day off feels like summer might just start all over again. So what to do? Go to the beach, visit the family?, do fun things around town?, or simply Netflix your whole weekend away? All of the above are acceptable! Take the weekend to breathe a bit and recharge for the fall push, maybe go to the stores and find some summer styles that are now sale or find those perfect styles that will go from summer to fall. (go to cravings in the fashion tap for my picks)

I’m still deciding what to do this weekend maybe I will try frying that egg… ok ok probably not but I should …

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