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Hello again toasty bunnies!

As you might all know by my previous post, I am a firm supported of Shellac (gel) nail polish, but as I was reading through a magazine a came by an ad by Sally Hansen selling this new nail-polish MIRACLE GEL. It claims to be just as good as the salon gel, looks the same, lasts up two weeks, all this by claiming it doesn’t need light to dry, oh and removes easily with regular nail polish remover…. So I admit I let out a sort of Pfff sound in disbelief and kept reading.

Yesterday though as I walked into Walgreens I found my self standing in front of this entire Sally Hansen stand with huge letters that read OMGel (clever) at first I thought “stop following me!” but then like most girls I was drawn to all the pretty colors, after that I saw the price tag and thought what the hell, they cost about the same as a regular nail polish, why not give it a shot. I picked up the special offer that included a nail color (110 birthday suit) and the gel top coat, and why not an extra color sold separately (380 Malibu peach) for all three bottles I paid just under $30 (these things better work).

When I got home I decided to get all my errands and work done before trying these ‘miracle products’. If they didn’t work I could just see my self, leaving peach color goo all over my place. So when I was done I sat down and began applying first coat of color (apply 2 coats) waited a couple seconds, and applied the topcoat. For a bit a sat on the couch like a statue, thinking even if these things do work there’s no way they can dry up faster than regular nail polish. A couple minutes went by and for some reason (couldn’t help myself, you know the red button effect) I touched one of my fingernails ….. WOW

I’d like to take a moment to apologize to Sally Hansen for ever doubting you!

These things really do work!!! They’re just as shiny and tough as the salon kind, now I feel like $30 for two colors and the topcoat is nothing! You’ll probably get about fifty rounds out of it. I’ve even sold my mom on it (another die hard shellac aficionado.) I've gotten through my first week, and nails are still looking great! So go for it!!! the price is cheap for what you get out of it and colors are all amazing! Great selection, they are available at almost any store that sell beauty products.

$9.99 for each color and top coat, or the two pack (color and top coat) for $15.99. and here’s another plus, when you purchase the starter pack (two pack) you get a $2.00 coupon for you next purchase of $9.99 or more.

Thank you Sally!

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