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Walmart+ to my Rescue!

Hello summer ... correction; Hello CRAZY summer,

Things were pretty hectic and crazy for us last year, then we got some very nice couple of months of just being at home and taking things easy ... but then of course we got the brilliant idea to move 😂 not just any move but into a Fixer Upper (for the most part) haven't shared much on this since it was bit of a weird process and didn't want to jinx it. We just finalized everything and now comes the design and remodel before moving in.

As you can see our summer is about to get CRAZY and not in a party way lol, anyway we're super excited for what's coming but honestly need some help in making the rest of my routine as simple as possible, that's where Walmart+ comes in for me;

With free delivery from my (your) store ($35 minimum, restrictions apply) , to get groceries and more + free shipping from items, no order minimum (excludes freight and Marketplace items) member price on fuel, and RX for less.

Between contractor appointments, starting to stage our house for final pics, and work; the last thing I feel like doing is rushing in for groceries, so for Pasta night I was able to order everything for delivery within 2 hours including bhaaloo's treats. but I did also do a little shopping and browsing on and got some super fun graphic tees and matching sets. So nervous excited to start all this but after the year we had we need it!

Veggie Pasta Ingredientes:

Order your fresh and rest of grocery items on Walmart+

- Tomato: some chopped and others blended for sauce

- zuchinni squash

- white mushrooms

- Red Lentil Pasta: i've been loving this pasta sub for gluten free but of course regular pasta is always yummy

- Parmesan cheese

- salt and pepper

And a couple outfits I ordered hehe, plus some favorites for the house:


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